What I wore Wednesday: #OOTD wheelchair fashion – simple handkerchief hem bold prints and metallics

Woot for wheelchair fashion – and what I wore Wednesday!  Could that sentence be more alliterative? (said in the manner of Chandler from Friends)
Tunic style handkerchief hem top – £5 from the Factory Shop //  black leggings – widely available  //  black ballet shoes – £3 from Sports Direct  //  sequin scarf 2 for £5 offer from local market

Yes, it really is a full outfit including shoes and accessories for less than £15!!  I tend to by my leggings at TU at Sainsburies – more than anything because it is my local supermarket.  They come in various colours and lengths, £10 for 2 pairs – but they quite often have 25% off offers on the range, and I stock up when they do – making the leggings cost approx £3.75 per pair.  I know I showcase leggings an awful lot – but there really is no better base for a wheelchair comfy outfit, and you can do 101 things with them.  It’s how you style them, tops, cardigans, accessories, hair, makeup that really creates the look.
Tunic tops have been a favourite of mine for a long time, as I think they are super flattering.  I love this one, as it has a kind of fairy ethereal type print that was really easy to feed off in order to style the outfit.  The black legs and feet are very deliberate.  When you are in a wheelchair you can often seem ‘all legs and feet’, and a great way to get around that is to go with base colours for the legs and shoes, and draw focus to your upper body.
I picked out the bronze element in the top with my simple sequin scarf, and wore simple metallic eyes and a nudey pinkey lip – all inspired by the print on the top.  It really brought it together, and really made a feature of my upper body and face without using alot of my usual tricks to draw peoples focus to exactly where you want them to look.  Subtle but effective was the order of the day here – and the outfit worked extremely well.

If you likes this outfit and want to see more – please follow me on Bloglovin.  I am nearly at a special milestone – and will be launching a fabulous Benefit based giveaway when I get there.  I can’t wait!


23 thoughts on “What I wore Wednesday: #OOTD wheelchair fashion – simple handkerchief hem bold prints and metallics

  1. Look at you!!! You look fabulous – wonderful outfit too. Such a good idea doing this. I work from home a lot of the time so I'm living in comfy warm things at the moment 🙂

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