Up to Tricks – 46: Get Down with the Lingo with Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo is “up to tricks” in new video series.  Playing tricks or practical jokes on people is something that many of us love to do. Whether it’s a simple slight-of-hand magic trick or an April Fools, we all derive happiness and pleasure from small tricks. And it seems we’re not alone … Costa Bingo has also shown their love of tricks in this great video:

Part of their ongoing campaign to document all 90 bingo calls in 90 videos, the video is the perfect summary of our favourite call – number 46: up to tricks. A simple idea, and one brilliantly filmed, it shows that we Brits love tricks and games of chance! 
 The videos were actually filmed by members of the public and are very imaginative and entertaining. What’s even better is that over the next few weeks the remaining clips will be posted on Costa Bingo’s YouTube Channel – giving you a comprehensive guide to the elusive ‘bingo lingo’ when the campaign is complete. Perfect!

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