Two trends entwined: The Neon Rainbow and Cool Mint – A Perfect Partnership

Imagine me (if you dare) skipping round the playground in junior school in hot neon tops and fluorescent culottes.  A neon shellsuit was at the top of my Christmas list, and I coveted my friends neon shoelaces.  Yes, that was the 90’s, at least it was for a pre-adolescent. Just for kicks, here is one of the maybe three pictures I have of myself when young, at about 14-15.
[I had ditched the shell suit in favour of blue hair mascara.  A step up but just barely.

So here I am at 31, minding my own business and getting on with grown up things like….filling out forms and avoiding trans fats.  Is it any wonder I spend so much time playing with makeup….is it? Is it?  Don’t worry youngsters, being a grown up can be fun.  Will let you know when I get there! Snort! Shut up 15 year old Vicky and go back to being a heavily repressed memory. K, will do….have you heard this Alanis Morrissette? She speaks to me man! And did you hear about Kurt Cobain?

Ahem…excuse me.  Don’t worry, she got into take That and went all wholesome. Then turned 16 and fell pregnant, in a time when MTV still showed music.]
Sorry about that, I tried to talk to her.  You heard me right?  So 20ish years after I first coveted those neon laces, and through 1001 different changes in style, I have….
That’s right people!! Jealous?  I adore these pumps, which were bought at one of my fave stores for clothing and makeup bargains, The Factory Shop, for a mere £6!  Upon purchase I took out the original white laces and put in Shoeps* from Gumbies, which are the most fabulous toughened rubber do-dads that can transform any pair of laced shoes.  Also perfect for kids shoes.  When my son was small and couldn’t master laces I always used to buy slip on, or thread his pumps with elastic so make them slip on and save the backs from being trodden down.  As an adult with hit and miss gross and fine motor skills (thanks again MS – I’ll go back and tell 15 year old Vicky that it wasn’t the DD’s at 13 that caused her issues.  Actually I won’t – I just got her settled) I can’t manage laces, so these are perfect!
My current favourite shoes just hold so much trendiness; floral, neon, pumps in……mint!!  But I’m 31 now, I can handle the power, so along with my cool mint cupcakes from Claire’s Accessories, I like to sport my beautiful scarf from TU at Sainsburies.
It is to cute for words, and sports the mint/neon combo I am seeing around an awful lot.  Like most people on a limited budget, I tend to stick with what I know, and then buy a few key pieces in the latest trend.  Unless I hate it of course, I’m not that much of a hipster I would wear things I don’t like just because they are in Vogue and Grazia…unless this is Vogue or Grazia reading.  Any openings for a slightly unhinged quirky curvy gal sporting some serious metal on her butt?  I mean the wheelchair, but it’s detachable if that helps.  Call me…..
So there we have it, my first real livable trend that I did once and has come round again, when I’m a grown up, and have credit cards, and a gross disregard for paperwork and avoiding transfats.
What are your thoughts on neon doing the rounds once again?  Is the only mint you want to see in an After Eight?  Do you cringe at the thoughts of some of your old clobber coming back around again?
*PR sample – views are my own

PS. If you represent After Eights, yes please.  I have a flagrant disregard for my ever expanding waistline.
PPS.  I also have a mint scarf showing pugs wearing neon glasses, but thought it may blow your mind.

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29 thoughts on “Two trends entwined: The Neon Rainbow and Cool Mint – A Perfect Partnership

  1. I have to admit I really do love those shoes they are so bright makes me think of the summer and that always brings a smile! shhh I had a shell suit too hehe I loved it I wouldn't dare bring the photos out though! xx

  2. Not sure I could rock neon now and can't recall that I rocked that look way back when either. I love the floral prints on your shoes and scarf – that must put me in the really old category!!!

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