Product review: Barry M #101 lipstick in Marshmallow – move over Lady Gaga

As you will know if you’ve been tuning in, I have been having huge fun experimenting with makeup and beauty just lately – even more so than usual.  I’ve had loads of new finds that I’ve absolutely loved, often inspired by looks and reviews from other lovely guys and gals on the net.

My renewed fervour for all things beauty is ostensibly due to my impending nuptials (more on that story later), and to that end, one of my current must-find items is the perfect nude lipstick for my bridal and bridesmaid makeup.  Why outsource this job when I can have tonnes of fun trying to perfect the look myself?

Inspired by a Pinterest post from the gorgeous Muhsine at Bubblegarm, I sought out and purchased the Marshmallow lipstick #101 from Barry M.  She did a fabulous post on nude colours (so fabulous it’s still circulating Pinterest 4 years later), and I was won over my the affordability of this choice.

At only £4.49 from Boots, the Barry M lipstick was on the top of my ‘must have’ list during a recent shopping trip.

At first glance it looked gorgeous, a lovely subtle nude.  In the application it was creamy and compliant, and layered up well.  I had high hopes, and at first glance it looks good.

Very Lady Gaga.  The shot of my pout looks quite hopeful.

Unfortunately when we go for a shot of the whole face, it just doesn’t work with my colouring, and makes me look very washed out.  As Muhsine suggests in the original post, I think that for me personally this would work well for blending and lightening a darker colour.  I actually have a fab Pinterest inspired idea for this lippy that I hope to carry out during the week.  Would I buy this again?  Probably not, but now I have it I know I will be able to put it to good use – especially if I decide to attempt to emulate Lady Gaga next Halloween. 

What is your favourite nude?  Could you rock this look?

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