OOTD: wheelchair fashion checked shirt casual wearable grunge black leggings and boots

Checked shirt £5 on sale – Factory Shop //  Black leggings – widely available  //  Black vest top – widely available  //  Rocket Dog Chocolate Slouch boots  //  Chains – Peacocks £4.50
First, my apologies about the picture quality.  It is something I am working on, but my fiancee is no David Bailey.  When the weather improves, OOTD will most definitely move outside in the natural light.  I also have no doubt you will see these pieces again, just because I don’t have hoards of clothes, so pieces tend to re-appear.
I have wanted to do the checked shirt thing for ages, so when I found this on my ultra-mini January sales haul I was thrilled.  Plus, £5 is a steal!  I love the Factory Shop for their no nonsense high fashion items, and shop there an awful lot.  Even at full price (this would have been £15) they are still pretty darn reasonable.
Leggings are one of my favourite bases for a wheelchair friendly outfit.  You don’t have to deal with alot of the issues sitting down all day in an outfit can bring, such as waistbands cutting in.  This is a problem whatever size you are purely due to logistics.  I think only PJ’s are meant to be comfortable for long stretches in a prone position.  Maybe I will join in the whole Onsie phenomenon after all.
Layering is also great.  Believe it or not, when stood I have a decent voluptuous shape to my body.  I go in and out in the right places.  It’s hard to use this to your advantage when you know the outfit will only be worn while sat down.  Here’s a photo of me – not too long ago, in a very rare photo of me stood up.  I was dressed for my dads wedding, and my sole caveat for the day when it came to photos, and standing in them was ‘only if it takes less than 30 seconds and I can hold onto someone’.  After that I fold like a pack of cards.
Hopefully you can see here that though a larger lass, I do have a shape.  What?  Round is a shape!
Back to the outfit, and another danger area – buttons!  I can’t fasten or unfasten buttons.  Though this is particular to me and not all wheelchair users, buttons can still be tricky.  If you buy to big a button through top can swamp you, to small and the buttons will gape.  I tend to buy a size bigger than I measure, and it works for me.  I also wear alot of shirts undone either completely, or at the bust.  It gets around all button issues (at least the ones I know of).  While I’m on the subject, I posted before Christmas about a super duper gadget I had bought, and wondered if people would be able to guess what it was.
Here it is.  The most popular answer to what in fact this might be was a needle threader, and I can totally see that.  It is somewhat bigger than a needle threader, and you might have guessed by now that it is in fact a buttoner and zip puller.  I had intended to film a short video of it in use, but with one thing and another I didn’t get round to it.  I apologise dear reader, and thank you so much for being good sports and guessing.  I think this will only have limited applications for me, as I already lug around enough kit when out and about without taking something to tackle buttons.  I think I will mostly continue to work around the problem.  It will however be extremely useful for doing up zippy long boots, which up to now I’ve had to get help with.
The slouchy flat boots are a winner for those who need flats to be able to walk or weight bear.  I adore Rocket Dog, and these are some of my more conventional offerings.  I was very pleased to find out how well brown boots go with black leggings, as I really didn’t think it would work.
The outfit is finished off with multiple black and silver chains, which are in my jewellery rotation right now.  I did feel I could go one step further and plump for a leather arm/wrist cuff, and perhaps a studded choker.  A contrasting belt, either studded or coloured would work really well with this.  I know I’ve said before I personally tend to wear them high to create the illusion of a waist above where your waist actually falls.  It sounds silly, but it really does work.  If wearing a belt, I usually wear it a few inches below my bust (I am only 5’4, so bear in mind the placement will tally with your height), and it works well.  I make sure it is elasticated, or big enough not to cut in.
And that’s all folks.  Hope some of this has been useful.  As always, if you’ve any questions or comments, please feel free to share below.

27 thoughts on “OOTD: wheelchair fashion checked shirt casual wearable grunge black leggings and boots

  1. I've been wondering what that gadget was for, it reminded me of the scales they swing new born babies from! I like your clothing style. Hubby has been trying to get me into checked shirts, I may well take the plunge!

  2. You look fab, and dark hair really suits you!I think I will invest in one of those button/zip devices – my eldest was born with one hand & while she can do these for herself she sometimes get frustrated at having to invest so much time in essentially very dull tasks.

  3. You should def stay dark haired …ohhh and my besty says to me all of the time 'big is beautiful, and round is a shape' so you reminded me of her when you said round is a shape 🙂

  4. You look stunning – I need that gadget as I have arthritis in my hands and really struggle with buttons – especially the ones on Eliza's clothes as they make them so darn small!

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