OOTD: stonewash denim skirt, top and cardigan – punky preppy feel wheelchair fashion

So, this is not the best picture of this outfit.  I have been working on clarity and focus in pics, but the background here leaves alot to be desired as it is my dirty old car.  I had intended to get more pics later in the day with a better backdrop, but the car ferry we were about to board in this picture was so unbelievably choppy, that I spent the rest of the day a rather unpleasant shade of green.  This picture therefore, will have to do.

I was going for a preppy/punky kind of look – with the skirt top and cardi combo, but styling it a little more dangerously.  I love the shoes here, which have cool metal spikes on the front, and the chains, which I think funk the outfit up a little.  Here’s the list of what I bought where:

Silver spiky ballet flats – Ebay – around £10
Black tights – anywhere
Stonewash demin circle skirt – New Look – £4
Grey marl LA gear top – Sports direct – £3
Cardigan – market stall – 1 of 3 for £10
Black and silver beads – Peacocks – £4.50
Angel wing earrings – Claire’s – £6
I think it’s quite apparent that I am a real bargain hunter when it comes to clothes, and I’ve actually spent more here on the shoes and jewellery.  The logic behind that is that shoes and accessories can mix and match with any outfit, but you can only make a certain number of looks with ant one item of clothing.
I think separates make good wheelchair wearing for a casual day out when you want to be comfy.  It’s also great when you are going in and out of shops, or other hot to cold places, where you can put on and take off layers as needed.  I was originally wearing a scarf to, but that came off pretty quick as I tend to run hot.
This slightly cringe worthy photo from later in the day illustrates perfectly one of the problems wheelchair users have.  No matter how big or small you are, you will get belly rolls when you sit down.  I am a big girl, so it’s even more of a problem for me.  I’ve talked alot about how I like high-rise, high-waisted items, and this picture is exactly why.  Here I have knickers, tights and my skirt at various levels round my middle, which has created this ‘caterpiller belly’ type look, which is not flattering at all.  The ways to get around this are a) don’t wear things with clingy waistbands, b) spend most of the day adjusting your outfit so it sits well, or c) make sure that all the garments sit around the same place on your body.  I would generally go for C, but sometimes an outfit that works in theory and in front of the mirror, just doesn’t work when you’re wearing it all day.  I’d give this outfit a 6/10 for wheelchair wearability.  With a few small tweaks, it could be a 7, but it’s not one of my super flattering go-to looks.  That having been said, half of the fun with fashion is playing about and seeing what works, even if that’s straying from tried and tested looks that you know work.
Just in case you were wondering, yes my hair really was that frizzy all day.  Next time I go anywhere near the coast, I will be packing some super frizz taming product in my handbag.  Any suggestions?
Could you rock this look?  Do you get frizz issues near the coast?  Can you carry off a green pallor better than I managed?  Will cover my makeup here in another post, as I tried quite a few new products.  Would love to hear any comments, hints or product suggestions.  Thanks for reading x

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