OOTD: Long Dress Denim Jacket and Biker Boots – Wheelchair Fashion – Mainstream Grunge

Short Denim Jacket – Primark  //  Long Tie Dye Dress – Asos  //  Biker Boots – Asos

I had a wee spending spree in Asos recently, and this outfit contains two of my purchases, one of which has to be my fave wheelchair fashion staple ever.  For me, you can’t go wrong with a long dress, if it is something you enjoy wearing.  I am very much a dress girl, and like to style them up and down.  I wear short dresses alot with leggings or thick tights as I find them super comfy and flattering, and at the end of the day, that’s what we all want.  Clothing that works to make us look good, not something that while on trend may be impractical and uncomfortable, even unflattering.  Who needs that?  I can throw on a long dress in the morning when I am half asleep, and work on the look when I’ve had my coffee.  It’s comfy, with no waistbands to dig in during a day in the chair (which happens regardless of body size and regardless of whether you are wearing the correct dress-size for your body).  No flashing knickers during transfers either, which can happen with a shorter dress or skirt, and has happened to me more times than I can count.  If I was famous I’d constantly be in HEAT with my gusset showing.
It goes without saying that an outfit with only 3 parts including footwear and outerwear will be simple, but it still takes some thought.  This jacket is one of my favourite shortie jackets, which prevents unflattering bunching, and is really handy if you are in a self propelled wheelchair – especially the cropped sleeves.
The boots are fabulous!  I was worried they might be a little heavy, but they’re not at all, yet still great quality.  I love the studs, which make me feel a little like a biker chick.  They’re also super comfy.
You can go wherever your imagination takes you as far as jewellery is concerned.  I love big earrings, and I wore a long chain with this too, which worked well.  I also had my hair in a semi-updo, which you can just about see in this photo, but really anything goes, and I know you will be seeing these pieces again in probably a dozen different looks.

I have some really exciting fashion based posts to come, so please keep tuning in.  Oh yes, and I do have pretty big feet – they are a size 8 – which is a little silly as they don’t work 😉

15 thoughts on “OOTD: Long Dress Denim Jacket and Biker Boots – Wheelchair Fashion – Mainstream Grunge

  1. I desperately need a new pair of boots and I love those. Great that they are not heavy. My favourite boots have done me 5 winters but the zip has recently broken.They were gore-tex, sheep skin lined and not heavy either. I need to find out if I can get them fixed.
    Liska x

  2. Ooh I love ASOS and that dress is gorgeous! Loving the colour of your hair too, whenever I try that colour it always washes out too quickly 🙁

  3. I love your dress, infact, I love this whole outfit, I love wearing midi dresses with my doc martens so this is just my kind of outfit 😀

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