My wedding palette: Pantone colour of the year – Radiant Orchid

So as you guys are probably sick of hearing, J and I are getting married in August 2014.  As part of my wedding planning so far, I stumbled across the phenomena of  ‘the wedding theme’.  It can be an actual theme, such as Halloween or princess chic, or a single colour or palette.  Essentially, it is there to bring the wedding together.  We decided actually based on my selection of wedding dress that we were going to be going with ‘purples’ and my subsequent purchases of table covers, favour bags, decorations etc have all fit in with that.

As ‘purples’ is a pretty broad colour theme, we narrowed it down to the above colour palette, knowing that others understanding of colours such as mauve, lavender and lilac seemed to vary from company to company.  We didn’t want Cadbury purple, which is a very popular wedding colour at the moment, so we had to decide on what we did want.  I think that is absolutely key when planning a wedding; make sure you both know what you want before you start shopping for it, and don’t move from that unless it is a genuine and unanimous change of opinion.  Also, if you are going to change your mind, do this early on, before you’ve spent alot of time and money shopping for what will end up being the wrong things.  I have lost count of the amount of classified/eBay listings I have seen for wedding things citing ‘never used due to change of mind’ as a reason for selling.

Now, I’m not usually someone who is down with the zeitgeist.  I usually grab hold of trends I like just as they are on there way out, or pay no attention to trends and just buy/do/wear what I like.  In 2014 however, I know I am going to be current with at least one decision: my wedding colour.

Pantone announced last month that the colour for 2014 would be Radiant Orchid – pictured above.  This defiantly fits in with my colour scheme, and I would say closely resembles number 4 on our colour chart.  Now, being current and fashionable really resonates little with me, but I have to admit to having warm fuzzy feelings when I checked this out on Pinterest.  If nothing else, it should mean that the things we still have to buy for the wedding should be easier to source.  In my eyes it’s win win.

Do you let what’s in style influence your style?  Do you wear what you like, or make choices based on what’s current and/or available?  Would you wear something that wasn’t your taste simply because it was in style?  I would love to hear your thoughts and comments – they make me so happy!

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