JOTD: A selection of my current favourite girly bling – jewellery review

Jewellery of the day

I love a bit of girly bling – otherwise known as jewellery.  I own mostly costume jewellery, largely because it’s inexpensive so I can buy more of it.  I love handmade, store bought, silver, gold, pearl or bead and everything in between.  I am in total awe of people who make jewellery themselves.  I personally am hapless when it comes to anything that requires the use of fine motor skills and prolonged concentration.  A macaroni necklace would be about the limit of my non-existent ‘talent’.

To that end, I hit the shops (real or virtual), and would love to share a few of my current faves with you.

Here we have a gorgeous pearl stone double stretch bracelet £6, and Paris charm pendant necklace £5 – both from Claire’s.  I wore both of these today, along with the ring from this next picture.

You can’t appreciate how gorgeous this ring is from the pic, but it has three little flowers, several gems, and a little butterfly all in a cluster.  It’s adorable and cost £6 I think.  I only bought it really recently, but I can’t find it on the accessorize website.  The pearl winged necklace was an eBay special for a just 99p including P&P.  There is a little wait for the item as it’s from China, and delivery times are always variable.

My final two for today carry on the angel wings theme, and are both from Claire’s.  The silver embellished angel wings earrings are £5.50, and available in the 3 for 2 sale.  The angel love cluster necklace is £6.

I have big 80’s curly hair, so I can carry off big earrings.  If Pat Butcher can do it, so can I 😉 .

What is your must have piece of jewellery?  Do you feel naked without a necklace, or do you like a handful of blingy rings?  Perhaps just a plain pair of studs?  Please do let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading x

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