I am a technological dinosaur!

Hear me roar!

Well, last night I tried – ultimately unsuccessfully, to type up a blog post from my smart phone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega – which is my personal ultimate accessory, and I am practically attached to it.

It’s really quite big, so is great for playing games, browsing blogs, pinterest etc – so I use it to wind down at bedtime, or to amuse myself during periods of insomnia without actually having to leave the comfort of my bed.

The fatal flaw however, at least for me, is that I cannot type up blocks of text at speed like I can on my laptop.  I did have a go last night, and typed up a decent sized blog post, only to somehow ‘lose’ it in the unfamiliar blogger app.  Roooooooooooaaaaaaaaar!

I will get the hang of this!  I am purposely not advertising this new blog before I have a few posts up to give a flavour of what I will be posting, and so I can run through the teething problems (such as getting my social media links up) beforehand.

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