Houseplant hotel with Charlie Dimmock: The Joy of Plants – Summertime and Holiday Tips

Before I go on holiday I make sure that we have everything we will need for our stay, that the fridge has no perishables left in it and that the house and cats are taken care of.  My mother-in-law asks that her plants are watered, though the person tasked with this often forgets as soon as the door closes behind her.  For both of us this has made for many dead houseplants, bought or gifted once and nurtured with the best of intentions, only to end up on the compost heap.  And we are not alone.  According to a study by the Joy of Plants, nearly half of plant owners simply give up on the thirsty wilting saplings upon their return from time away rather that trying to nurse them back to health.
One of my favourite houseplants
To help raise awareness of crimes against houseplants and encourage people to take simple steps to keep their once beloved houseplants flourishing throughout the summer months, The Joy of Plants has teamed up with Charlie Dimmock (for those old enough to remember, Dads eye candy from her Ground Force days with Alan Titchmarch), TV presenter and gardening expert to launch the ‘Houseplant Hotel’ – a babysitting service for plants whereby they’ll be collected from your home and have the most expert attention lavished upon them while you are pampering yourself in the sun.  It’s been running all this week from Monday 4th July, with today being the last day.  It’s part of a nationwide campaign to keep those houseplants happy, healthy, and off the compost heap.

Here are Charlie’s top tips for keeping houseplants healthy is you’re going away:
  • Remember that it’s worth the effort! Most houseplants can be left for a couple of weeks with the right preparation.
  • Remember that plants do most of their growing during spring and summer, and so will need more water at these times than they do in the winter months.
  • Water plants thoroughly (but don’t drown) just before jetting off
  • Leave plants in large pots in a shady room
  • Those in smaller pots have be popped in the bath on an old towel soaked in water, effectively creating a self watering system for the duration of your holiday. Make sure the bathtub is rinsed if you have recently cleaned it with harsh chemical cleansers.  If direct sunlight falls on the bath, putting down the blinds will also help.
  • Don’t leave plants standing in a sink or bath full of water.  This will lead to overwatering which will kill them anyway.
  • If you’re going away for longer than a week give a house key to a trusted relative or friend.  They can then pop in and check on the plants, giving them more water if needed and dusting the leaves on large leaved plants.
To swap green fingered hints and tips with other keen plant lovers, check out the Facebook group for The Joy of Plants here.  Other than that, have an awesome holiday knowing your plants are taken care of and will still be happy and healthy upon your return.

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  1. The numerous peoples prefer the use of houseplants in their room these are the best bloom and verdure to the room. By adopting these simple tips, you can take care of your houseplants very well and they look beautiful.

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