High street bargain of the week: Claire’s hair accessories

Me and J went out for a wheel about our local shopping centre yesterday.  I had an awesome time, and have absolutely loads to tell you guys about.  I wanted to post yesterday, but was so pooped after braving the December high street that I fell asleep at 5pm.  I love shopping online, but there is a wonderful physicality and choice that only in person shopping can give.  I can tell you I earned my Hot Choc in Cafe Nero!

My first share from my shopping expedition is a fabby bargain from Claire’s.  I know it is hailed as the favoured hang out of schoolgirls, but I love it and the opportunity for bargains is only one reason.  As a woman on a very limited budget, I love being able to buy on trend items; hair, jewellery and accessories alike, and Claire’s allows me to do that.  Hurrah for Claire’s!

Yesterdays mega bargain came in the form of ‘hair kits’.

They were reduced from £5 to £2.50, and on 3 for 2 – so I paid £5 for all three of the above sets. 

In each kit, you get the necessary hair accessories to recreate the looks in the front of the box.

1. Volume and style – also available for dark hair

You get a ‘bump’ hair donut, bobbles, grips, and a funky red Alice band with ribbon detail.

2. Rolled updo – also available for light hair

This contains my favourite hair accessory – a clip together bun donut which you can use for all sorts of styles including a french roll.  Also included comb, normal grips, jewelled grips, and bobbles.

3.  Glam it up – also available for dark hair

Contains a ‘solid’ bun donut, bobbles, grips, a comb, and a funky bow.

Although each of the kits gives you all you need to make a specific look, the possibilities, especially when you mix and match, are endless.  I actually bought the pop-together bun donut a month or so ago at full price to recreate vintage bumper bangs, and I paid more for it than I did all three of these kits.

If you love playing with your hair and trying new styles, this deal is for you.  The great news is that they are available online at the same price here.  Although is says online exclusive, the deal is available in stores if you want to head down and have a browse in person.  Claire’s currently have loads of great deals, with free delivery for orders over £19.99.  These kits will make great gifts, which is actually why two of mine are in blonde despite me currently being brunette.  They also deliver internationally, which is great news for friends over the pond.

If anyone would like some additional hair ideas, head over to Natalie on You Tube for some Vintagious looks.

Thanks for reading x

3 thoughts on “High street bargain of the week: Claire’s hair accessories

  1. I just want to know the price of all that accessories because I am kind of choosy about my hair and its falling much every day so I just read your post and I like it so much thats why. All my needs are cover up in your post.

  2. It's looking great, People should have this all accessories, And i thing it's good day for you because you simply paid £5 and all in your hand. I think it's great deal for you. I also wanted it and searching online but i can't find as yours. Hope me to get it in just £5.

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