Dear Fellow Bloggers: Thanks For Being Awesome! #community #inspiration #goals

Fresh of the back of a twitter chat and still reading through the transcript to find any missed tweets (those things can get pretty fast), I just had to put fingers to keyboard for an impromptu blog post.  Though I have a tonne of project posts I am working on, this will be my first non-photo publish since we got married on the 16th August.  Okay, so ideally I’d have been soaking up the sun on a tropical island and not getting work done, but such is life.  I don’t need to tell that to any parent bloggers reading who are counting the days till the kids go back to school.
Anyway, as this is meant to be a quick post, I shall endeavour to stay out of my usual pit of endless digression and stay on message.
Co-Hosting #FBLchat (fashion beauty lifestyle) – which runs every Tuesday 8-9pm GMT on twitter, I was on the biggest bubble of blogger love.  With the topic of blog inspiration, I loved all of the imput from a warm and funny bunch of bloggers.  Not only that, I was truly proud to see how well we do things when we work together.
I am extremely non-specific when it comes to genre, I write what I love and it sometimes falls into some sort of heading, hence I generally call myself a lifestyle blogger.  If you blog your life, it’s lifestyle in my book.  A little simplistic maybe, but it works for me.  I LOVE my fashion and beauty.  I am however aware of the, sometimes fair, sometimes not, name that beauty bloggers especially can get for being bitchy and competitive, especially as a community.  I stay away from drama where possible, and what others get up to is their business.
Tonight, I could not have believed there was anything but love and community within the bunch of lovelies that were chatting.  People swapped tips, encouragement and just generally had a lovely chat!  This is why I love blogging!  This is why I love bloggers!  There were faces I know and already love, and faces that I have only just connected with, but really look forward to chatting with – especially on twitter, at 2am, which is when I get some of my best chatting done!
So if you’re reading this – thanks for being awesome!
PS.  Apologies to anyone who now has the Lego Movie song in their head #sorrynotsorry

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