Brooching the subject: pins things and blingy accessories – my picks

I have a rolling ‘wish list’ that I keep on my phone.  It is filled with all the lovely potential purchases; things I’d like to buy if I have the pennies and can find them at a price I am happy to pay.  I am a very frugal shopper, and I find that listing my current ‘must have’s’ actually gives be focus when I have the energy to hit the high street, or when I’m looking around online, so I don’t get reeled in my impulse purchases.  Well, not often. 😉

I have a very minor problem, which thus far I have been using safety pins to remedy.  No, whatever my fiancee has been telling you, I don’t need my lip buttoned shut.  However well the fit, I often have a gaping problem with certain necklines, which can leave my ta-ta’s rather exposed.  This is even more of a problem as the view most people get of me is from above.  The other day, when pinning yet another neckline, I had an epiphany.  Why have I been making do with a simple safety pin for all this time, when I could throw some bling at the situation.  There is never a situation that a bit of bling cannot make better.  Enter my lineup of brooches or pins, statement or sophisticated.  These are my current picks, for your viewing pleasure.

I have to say, I really love some of the animal brooches available at the moment, but some of the simpler designs are just as beautiful.  Understated bling is still bling.  These were a few of my top pick, but there are 100’s of gorgeous pins online.
Do you like brooches?  New or vintage, large or small?  Are you a gold or silver girl?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, as they never fail to make me smile.

37 thoughts on “Brooching the subject: pins things and blingy accessories – my picks

    1. Thanks Betsy – I used to have loads of vintage brooches that were left me me by elderly relatives. So lovely, but sadly don't have them anymore. Thankfully, there is a gorgeous array currently on the high street 🙂

  1. I absolutely love sparkles and your post, such a good idea! My favourite is the multicoloured diamonte cluster brooch. I am a gold kinda girl, but have never really worn a brooch, I think I have just been inspired to try them out as my newest fashion accessory. Emma xx

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