Top tips for stress free summer travel for all the family

Whether you travel home or abroad, most families will be having a holiday or taking a short break this summer.  A summer vacay is time to get away from everything.  To get some sun and enjoy yourself away from daily routines and responsibilities.  To get the most from your time away, it’s good to be prepared .  Just as you wouldn’t dream of jetting off without packing the factor 50, there are many simple things you can do to ensure your holiday goes smoothly.  Here is a fab infographic created by Britmums and Holidaysafe with top tips for stress free summer travel from real parents on how to do just that.

Infographic_Family_Travel_Tips (4)


 I think there are some great tips there.  I never go away without packing over the counter medication such as paracetamol or calpol, as well as remedies for upset tummies and a basic first aid kit.

Here are a few things I personally do before setting off on holiday.

Make an exhaustive list of everything we will need.  In addition to clothes and shoes there are essential such as prescription medication.  I always check and double check I have everything myself and my family will need.  If I forget a skirt it’s no big banana but if you forget essential medication you could be in a lot of trouble.  Always pack it in your carry on luggage so it is at hand.

Research your destination.  I don’t mean brushing up on the Spanish crusades or boning up on the Greek economy.  It’s good to know what it available to buy and what is really expensive.  For example, we traveled to Spain this year with two babies and a huge suitcase full of nappies.  They are really expensive in Spain, and babies are often allocated their own weight limit for luggage on the plane.  It meant we saved on the nappies and didn’t have to go out shopping for basics when we got there.

Print all your documents. Five minutes at the computer can yield your boarding passes, details of transfers and all your holiday insurance documents.  If things do wrong it’s important to make sure you are protected by a policy that will cover all of your family should anything happen.  Holidaysafe create policies to suit every family.

Where will you be heading to this summer?

What are your top tips for stress free travel?


*article sponsored by Holidaysafe

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