Review: Sally Magpies nail polish store – online shopping at its best

I recently placed an order with Sally Magpies nail store, and was just soooo impressed, I had to share her with you guys.  I was shopping for a specific product from overseas that she had in store.  There’s a post about that to follow so I shan’t spoil the surprise.  She has a huge array of nail vanrnishes and accessories for nail art, the perfect frenchie, stamps, and is happy to try and get hold of anything you’re looking for but haven’t been able to find.  The product I just had to have is from Australia, so I was thrilled […]

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While out shopping the other day, me and J went into Sports Direct in search for a) Christmas pressies and b) trainers for J, hopefully both.  We found the perfect pair for J, but when we asked for it in his size (an 11), the sales assistant came back and said they only had a 10 or a 12.  While J contemplated the possibilities of either squeezing into a 10, or packing out a 12, I asked the sales assistant if they had a website.  I understood this to be a fairly stupid question when the sales assistant responded with […]

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High street bargain of the week: Claire’s hair accessories

Me and J went out for a wheel about our local shopping centre yesterday.  I had an awesome time, and have absolutely loads to tell you guys about.  I wanted to post yesterday, but was so pooped after braving the December high street that I fell asleep at 5pm.  I love shopping online, but there is a wonderful physicality and choice that only in person shopping can give.  I can tell you I earned my Hot Choc in Cafe Nero! My first share from my shopping expedition is a fabby bargain from Claire’s.  I know it is hailed as the […]

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In defense of Argos

A short intro So, SSE (boo!) have decided that in addition to raising our bills by 8%, they will also fiddle with the street lights where I live.  Perhaps to defend their decision for such a hefty rise on already astronomical bills, I’m not sure.  Instead of simply replacing the existing street lighting, they have removed all the old lampposts and put up new ones.  This has not only meant lots of drilling, digging and inadequate filling, but also a lovely ‘new’ streetlight right outside my bedroom window, shining it’s neon hatefulness right into my haven of calm, and creating […]

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