Staying In is the new Going Out: How to Save Money and Have a Great Night Out

When you leave your 20’s behind (which I did some time ago), you have more responsibilities, less money, but still an innate desire to socialise.  To spend time with friends and unwind from a busy week.  To celebrate, to commiserate, just to be together.  Even for a non-drinker, a night out at the pub can really hurt the purse strings.  It was that, in part, that prompted myself and J to host Halloween at home.  We had a houseful of friends who were thoroughly fed, watered and entertained.  Here’s a glimpse of how our Halloween bash played out. We went […]

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Guest Post: my life as an expat frugalista by yaya duran

Hello Around and Upside Down readers, my name is Yaya and I have a wee lil blog called Expat Frugalista that documents my journey as an expat, one on a budget at that! When Vicky invited me to guest post on her blog while she was away, I didn’t think twice and gave a definite yes. Vicky and I have something special up our sleeves that we will be debuting shortly after she returns from holiday, so be prepared for that! In the meantime, since hopefully we will be seeing a lot of each other soon, I thought I’d introduce […]

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Firstly, a late ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to friends in the US.  Hope you ate your bodyweight in turkey and chocolate, and now can’t do up your jeans. Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in the US, and is the reason that people all around the world now get to take advantage of the sales before Christmas.  The Internet is a wonderful thing! I could post all day about the myriad sales on…well, just about anything you could possibly wish to buy, and I may do a composite post later in the day with my fave sales here in the […]

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