In defense of Argos

A short intro So, SSE (boo!) have decided that in addition to raising our bills by 8%, they will also fiddle with the street lights where I live.  Perhaps to defend their decision for such a hefty rise on already astronomical bills, I’m not sure.  Instead of simply replacing the existing street lighting, they have removed all the old lampposts and put up new ones.  This has not only meant lots of drilling, digging and inadequate filling, but also a lovely ‘new’ streetlight right outside my bedroom window, shining it’s neon hatefulness right into my haven of calm, and creating […]

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Firstly, a late ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to friends in the US.  Hope you ate your bodyweight in turkey and chocolate, and now can’t do up your jeans. Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in the US, and is the reason that people all around the world now get to take advantage of the sales before Christmas.  The Internet is a wonderful thing! I could post all day about the myriad sales on…well, just about anything you could possibly wish to buy, and I may do a composite post later in the day with my fave sales here in the […]

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It’s a hair-mergency!

I have a morning appointment tomorrow – something which I try to avoid because of the amount of organisation it takes to get me somewhere.  That having been said, I have broken almost all my own organisational ‘rules’. Get to sleep on time However much sleep you need, it is important (and simple mathematics) to factor it into your day.  If you have to get up at 6am, and know that you need 8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed, it’s important to be not only in bed, but in the position to be able to sleep around 10pm.  This […]

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I am a technological dinosaur!

Hear me roar! Well, last night I tried – ultimately unsuccessfully, to type up a blog post from my smart phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Mega – which is my personal ultimate accessory, and I am practically attached to it. It’s really quite big, so is great for playing games, browsing blogs, pinterest etc – so I use it to wind down at bedtime, or to amuse myself during periods of insomnia without actually having to leave the comfort of my bed. The fatal flaw however, at least for me, is that I cannot type up blocks of text […]

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