Top tips for stress free summer travel for all the family

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Whether you travel home or abroad, most families will be having a holiday or taking a short break this summer.  A summer vacay is time to get away from everything.  To get some sun and enjoy yourself away from daily routines and responsibilities.  To get the most from your time away, it’s good to be prepared .  Just as you wouldn’t dream of jetting off without packing the factor 50, there are many simple things you can do to ensure your holiday goes smoothly.  Here is a fab infographic created by Britmums and Holidaysafe with top tips for stress free summer […]

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Lighter life fast: the 5:2 diet with #lighterlifefast – my weight loss journey starts here #tryfast

Well, not quite here – officially (and actually) I started on Monday the 16th of June when I returned from my holiday (which I shall also be posting about shortly).  Two years + of takeaways and meals out have taken their toll on my waistline, and I know I would have gained on holiday as I ate indiscriminately (and plentifully) – as most of us do on holiday I think.       I’ve had limited success with weight loss since (and a little before) being diagnosed with my personal plethora of health problems, most of which mean I am […]

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Countdown to holiday in the sun: full body MOT for swimsuits and sarongs – Phase 1 – lucious legs and golden tan

Until last year I had never had a holiday in the sun.  I never thought anything of not going till I actually went, and we had the most fantastic time.  With just a few weeks to go, I know there are certain things I need to do to prepare.  Since losing 2 stone so I can gain it again while I’m out there is already out the window, I have been concentrating on the things I actually have some control over.  Creating my capsule wardrobe, getting in the sun cream and midge spray, and beautifying myself are the order of […]

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