You know you were born in the 80’s when…

Okay, so I know there are lots of similar pieces flying round cyberspace, but I just couldn’t resist.  So many things have been popping up of late and making me oddly nostalgic that I just had to have a go for myself.  I was born in 1982, so there may be some overlap into the 90’s, and there might be some points that don’t resonate with those born later in the 80’s.  A few years mean so much when you’re young.  Still, dig in and see what you think, and if you come across any weird stuff, please forgive me. […]

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The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben: books that motivate me – 2014 blogger challenge

January has been and gone, and we are still going strong.  The gorgeous group of girls (and boys) participating the the 2014 blogger challenge have smashed both of our topics so far, and I feel good about our third topic – books.  Who can fail to get excited about books? I wanted to share with you a book that I have read over and over again, because each time I do it motivates me.  Gretchen Ruben has such an infectious fervour for her subject, I just can’t help but get juiced with each read.  Here’s a little about the book: […]

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Firstly, a late ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ to friends in the US.  Hope you ate your bodyweight in turkey and chocolate, and now can’t do up your jeans. Today is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day in the US, and is the reason that people all around the world now get to take advantage of the sales before Christmas.  The Internet is a wonderful thing! I could post all day about the myriad sales on…well, just about anything you could possibly wish to buy, and I may do a composite post later in the day with my fave sales here in the […]

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