#YesAllWomen – A Social Media Storm in Response to Santa Barbara Shootings

As a self confessed happy fluffy pixi-fairy type creature most of the time, I like to deal in fripperies, clothes and shoes and nail polish – oh my!  Sometimes though, there are subjects that get my blood pumping, and the acid rise in my throat.  As I type I have put a pretty makeup related post on ice to talk about human rights, women’s rights in fact, but also the rights of men not to be castigated as misogynists before first being given a say.

Let’s rewind.  On the 23rd of this month, Elliot Rodger opened fire and killed 7 people, including himself.  The details of this tragedy can be found on just about any news site, with updated about why Rodger did what he did, as if there could ever be a reason for mass slaughter. It has been said that, frustrated at still being a virgin, and being given the brush off by girls, Rodger took to the internet and expressed  his hatred of the women who had rebuffed him, and his plans for revenge by opening fire in a sorority house, an event which sadly did come to pass.
Though a complete tragedy for everyone involved, I want to concentrate on the massive response to the shootings taking place right now on social media channels.  This very moment men and women all over the globe are taking to twitter with the hashtag #YesAllWomen, describing the ways that many men denigrate females.  The way that the law does not protect us, but even if it does in theory, the rancid truth is that the law is little protection for so many women in cases of rape, assault and abuse.

But the voice is not just that of our sisters, there is a loud male voice on twitter also, adding their opinions to this brave move by 1000’s of women to speak out.  Some are gentle and kind, the men who should not be tarred with the same brush as the others who are perhaps proving the point the girls are trying to make by trolling the hashtag with rape jokes and justifications for what are atrocious acts.

As I am not in a position to share other peoples opinions, here are some of my personal tweets using the #YesAllWomen hashtag.

Because rape within marriage in the UK has been illegal since 1992 but is still almost impossible to prove and prosecute #YesAllWomen
— Vicky Kuhn (@curlywurlygirly) May 25, 2014

Because the vehicle you drive and the job you have has nothing to do with your own mysoginy, man or woman #YesAllWomen
— Vicky Kuhn (@curlywurlygirly) May 25, 2014

Because no outfit ever concieved of could actually incite rape – yet still a widely used defence for rape #skinnyjeanscase #YesAllWomen

— Vicky Kuhn (@curlywurlygirly) May 25, 2014
I strongly urge you all to get involved, or at least take to twitter and read about what’s going on. Stand up and be counted. Maybe some good can come out of this tragedy.

16 thoughts on “#YesAllWomen – A Social Media Storm in Response to Santa Barbara Shootings

  1. I have been Tweeting away about this a lot of the day. It's something that needs to be addressed, spoken about and no longer swept under the carpet. Reading many of the Tweets has been an eye opener – for example when I walk home at night I carry my keys "Wolverine style" incase I'm attacked, many many women do – not sure about men? As someone who has been the victim of domestic violence the ill-treatment of women is something close to my heart and the whole story and aftermath is devasting – however I hope that some good can come of this and that is that women stand united and say we're just not tolerating this any more.

  2. I'm the same Hazel – have the keys in optimum eye gouging stance. We shouldn't need to be this afraid.

  3. Thanks for your support Emma-Kate – you are right, this is such an important issues, not just for us but for out children, male or female. The emphasis seems to be on teaching girls how not to get hurt rather than teaching sons how not to hurt, and that really needs to change.

  4. Wow, have just spent an hour reading all the amazing tweets – some great guys got involved there too. Not so happy about the media's other side of this story though, linking the murder/violence with Asperger's as some great sweeping statement as opposed to just the characteristics of that guy…. media is scarily powerful and doesn't always give the full story.

  5. So true Steph – thank you for reading. Yes I'm not keen on the Asperger's link either and think it's poppycock. Whether or not Rodgers was on the autistic spectrum has nothing to do with his horrifically violent acts and I am saddened that there are people who will believe this. People want so badly to believe evil like this does not exist in the world they will do anything to explain it away as will the media. I am cheered however to read of how many male feminists we have out there. Being a feminist does not mean hating men, it's a belief in human rights for women that are assumed for men. You don't have to be black, white, gay or straight to believe that all those who are deserve to be treated as human beings. It's the same for feminism, you don't have to be a women to believe that we deserve rights that we are still fighting for, like the right to say no and have it mean just that x

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