Why I love….my Filofax!

I haven’t written a post in my ‘why I love…’ series for a while – but looking at the above gorgeous object, I don’t think it’s hard to see why I adore my Filofax.  Firstly because it’s so stylish, and secondly because I would be lost without it!
I don’t have the memory I used to (I know – who does?) – but even if I were as sharp as a tack, it would be tricky to remember all the various appointments, deadlines and ‘to do’s’ that reside inside this beauty.  Last night I was struggling to remember if I was due a patch [slight aside: I wear transdermal patches which deliver a constant measured dose of very strong painkillers directly into my bloodsteam.  It works much like a nicotine patch, but with painkillers instead of nicotine] as they need to be changed every 3 days.  I couldn’t remember and neither could J (his memory is worse than mine – if that is at all possible).  I do get notified if I am overdue a patch by my body, which administers searing pain – but I would rather not find out I am in need of a new patch in this way.  Enter Filofax!  The rest of my life is in there – why not pop down when I am next due a patch?  Hardly genius, but I am astounded at how long it took for the idea to come to me.
The only quandary this stunning accessory has given me is to find a pen that is stylish enough to grace it’s pages.  Old Argos and Dr’s surgery acquisitions just wouldn’t do.  I found this beauty in Raymans.
It also has a very clear message – write it down!  I know that if I don’t, I will forget.  I will lay awake at night with washing machine brain contemplating all I have to do the next day/week/month.  I will worry that I have forgotten.  Even with all the tech available these days, your phone diary etc, there is nothing that quite compares to having a list on paper that you can just refer to, rather than searching for.  You can scribble in the margins, you can make spelling mistakes.  There is nothing quite like the printed page, and as far as we come with technology, for me there is nothing quite like a proper diary and to do list.
If you haven’t got a 2014 diary already – take a look at the sale items here.  They are gorgeous and on sale – my favourite kind of purchase.

7 thoughts on “Why I love….my Filofax!

  1. I definitely would love a Filofax, as I love to make notes and to do lists. There are so many different ones though it is hard to decide which one is right for me.


  2. I love writing things down too – I always have a book on the go for home, a book for work and a book for the shop…perhaps I should consolidate them into a really nice filofax! #blogclub

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