Where am I?

So, many of you have noticed I’ve been rather elusive of late and have, rightfully so, wondered where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing in short, where am I?

The short answer: mostly in my bed, sleeping


Check out my sexy fluffy hair

The long answer: I’ve been around in the virtual world, on social media, and occasionally even out of my bed and my PJ’s and out in the ‘real world’…the one with sunlight and stuff, and having a stab at being present and accounted for.

Despite this being, by my own admission ‘the long answer’, I’d like to keep a long story short.

You guys all know that I’m disabled and that I have alot of conditions with alot of fancy names and complicated acronyms going on in my perfectly imperfect bod.  Should anyone want a good nights sleep, I will happily give you a rundown of these.

Two months ago I had a bad reaction to a medication, which manifested itself in rashes and other nasty things.  While my immune system was having a snooze, hubbies ‘annoying cough’ moved into my weak and scarred lungs and very quickly plummeted in the direction of bronchitis and pneumonia. I have issues with my chest every winter, but it decided to get an early start this year and rounds of antibiotics, steroids and nebulisers have been applied with regularity.  Despite my proactive approach to this (I had an action plan formed after last years winter nearly landed me in the ICU again) my chest and lungs are still very weak, as am I.


There is a nasty knock on effect with chest issues for most people, let alone someone with an immune system that keeps hitting the snooze button and is in truth a bit of a slacker when it comes to his job.  I’m tired, I hurt and I’m pretty fed up.  Hardly surprising when coughing causes you to wet your knickers AND dislocate your hip.

So this is not the ‘hey, I’m back’ post that I have been desperately waiting to be in the position to write.  It’s more of an ‘I’m still here, lurking in the background.  Pretty ill but desperate to get back’.  Believe me I am desperate to get back, and not being able to do the things I love is extremely frustrating.  Posts may be sporadic and mostly consist of funny anecdotes that come from resting in bed and watching box sets, but by God I will be blogging.  I have so much I want to share with you guys and heck, putting fingers to keyboard has to be the first step.

Love you guys xox


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