Wheelchairs vs. Buggies: The Big Debate

7 thoughts on “Wheelchairs vs. Buggies: The Big Debate

  1. I hate buses… Here in the Netherlands the tubes are way more accessible than the buses, so if I have a choice, it'll be the tube.

    I once was on a very busy bus and heard someone yell: 'No, there's no more room. A wheelchair is blocking the way.' My mother who was with me, felt bad for me, but there were three (!) foldable buggies blocking the way as well. So I replied there would be more room if people would fold the buggies. 😉
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  2. I don't take buses in the US so I can't really relate, except when I was in Disney World. They were fabulous about it but it is after all the most magical place on earth, ha, ha! It really amazes me that people can be so rude when it comes to the disabled and I hope for more understanding in the future. I really can't imagine the rudeness. Your blog is adorable by the way!

  3. I get turned away from buses with buggies in the wheelchair space regularly, it's such a pain in the tits. Newer buses here (Bristol) have enough space for a couple of buggies and a wheelchair, but those newer buses are by no means standard. The sooner they are, the sooner this stops being an issue for any of us, in wheelchairs or with buggies.

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