What’s the story morning glory? – my morning routine unravelled #MorningStories challenge

Mornings can be a whirlwind in any household.  We need to get so much done in such a short space of time, and all while half asleep.  I’ve done my years of lunchbox faffs and school uniform emergencies, and have learned that where possible it’s good to get things done the night before.  Food, clothes, bags of kit, whatever can be done in advance I do.  Despite this there are still some things which can only be done in the morning.  To that end, here’s a glimpse into mornings in my household.

It’s all about me!

Getting going in the morning is a toughie.  I don’t sleep well so wake very tired and in pain from a night of laying down.  I need to take pain medication and do basic physio exercises before I can even get started.  Once this is out the way (taking 30-60mins) we can really get going.  When we have a target time to get out the door, it means working back from that time allowing for each task, so we could easily need to be up at 5am for 8am depending on how I’m doing physically.
If I’m on the ball I will have got makeup and clothes out the night before.  As a beauty blogger, at least in part, I have tonnes of makeup – much of it not even swatched (tested on your arm or hand) yet.  This makes choosing makeup a little like deciding where to park in an empty car park, you have so much choice you just can’t make up your mind (ban pun I know).  I do have my favourites that I slap on my face when I just can’t deal with making decisions, and if I haven’t layed any others out the night before.  Choosing in the morning could leave me looking like a Picasso painting, and not in a good way.  Same goes for clothes.  All my clothes are pull on as I can’t manage zips, buttons and other similar fastenings, so my wardrobe has evolved over time to contain none of those things.  I chuck on what I hope is a decent outfit and slap on what a hope is a passable makeup took.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Because I have a limited pot of energy I can’t sit and test looks one after the other like many full time beauty bloggers do, so all the looks I feature are road tested.  The bonus to this is if I get mistaken for Dale Winton in drag, I can post a cautionary tale…
I do it so you don’t have to, the same goes with styling out a fashion, where I am just as quick to post an epic fail as I am a huge style success story.  It keeps things interesting!
As I ascend the stairlift Jason has the kettle on.  He has taken all of 5 minutes to get ready including choosing what to wear, dressing, brushing his teeth and sorting his hair.  Sometimes I really wish I was a boy!   
This is the one time of day when I need 50CC’s of caffeine – STAT!  If Jason isn’t feeling suicidal he will not have spoken to me up to this point.  Just last night I was joking that I should buy this mug:
Available to buy on Etsy
The fact that mugs like this are so popular lets me bask in the knowledge that I am far from the only person who needs time to rise to a place where civil and polite conversation is possible in the morning.

Here’s where it all goes South…

So lets assume the rest of the morning has gone without a hitch, my boobs are in the chest region of my body (with the help of some industrial strength undergarments), my face  and outfit are passable (there are some days when PJ’s and a long coat just have to do) and I’ve had my caffeine injection.  My secret will come out soon enough so it’s time I confessed….I am…a secret meal dodger!!  As a voluptuous female and lifetime on off dieter, I know this is the single biggest mistake a person can make  There is a reason people call breakfast the most important meal of the day.  It gets your metabolism going so you start burning energy earlier.  It also provides you with the energy with which to burn!  Skipping meals is a big no-no, and though I know that, I will often go all day without eating, leaving my stomach with nothing to work with but fluid and some really harsh prescription medications, but when I am pressed for time or just don’t feel hungry it has become a deeply ingrained habit to just skip eating altogether, and it’s something I need to work on.

Turnaround (bright eyes)?

I know I’ll never get those bright eyes (and healthy glossy coat) without giving my body some adequate nutrition, so for the last 2 weeks I have been eating Belvita Biscuits with my morning cup of coffee.  They say it takes 20 repetitions for something to become a habit, so I need to put as much work into trying to establish new healthier habits as I do with other things that effect my wellbeing, such as clothes and makeup.  Not only that but I’d love to see my energy levels improve.  Belvita biscuits are really tasty, and having a biscuit or two with my cuppa is practically an English institution.  My favourite is the chocolate yogurt crunch.  Munching on these with my morning cuppa has been easing me gently into the idea of eating breakfast again.
When eaten with a portion of fruit, a portion of dairy, and a drink to keep you hydrated (coffee or tea is fine), I know that they provide me with 4 hours of slow release energy to keep me going till lunch time.
Whether, like me, you’ve fallen out of the habit of eating breakfast, or you just need a quick breakfast you can eat on the go, I think Belvita Biscuits tick all the boxes for me.  I’m looking forward to making breakfast part of my daily routine once again, and having more energy.  Who knows, I might even turn out to be a morning person with adequate nutrition.  Stranger things have happened!
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Are you a morning person?  Do you regularly skip breakfast because you’re to busy or don’t have the time to sit down and eat?  Have you subscribed to the myth that all carbs are bad?  I’d love to hear stories of how you get your day off to a great start.

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