What’s in my bag? – Trip to London ‘where is my Oystercard’?

I’ve been running back and forth from London quite a bit lately, and I would just be lost without certain planning and travel essentials.  This leads me to a travel edition of ‘what’s in my bag’?
Before I even loaded my bag – I needed to plan.  What would I need, and how could I make getting from here to there as easy as possible?
My gorgeous pink leather organiser purse from Julie Slater and Son is just perfect for travel.  It has plenty of pockets for cards and tickets, notes and change for the bus.  I don’t leave home without it.

In the blue corner is my Filofax, which always comes to meetings and events with me.  I have my life written down in this bad boy so I guard it with my life.  It also matches my purse beautifully in finish and co-ordinates in colour.

I also never leave home without my phone.  This big beauty is just one step away from being  tablet, so my Galaxy Mega is kept snug as a bug in my fab case mobile madhouse case.

Along with my purse, phone and filofax, you can spot some of my travel essentials.  Plenty to drink and healthy snacks.  Right now I’m mad for the Asda Little Angels fruit bags and bars – great just to chuck in your bag.

Breath spray and Therapie Restore Aura spray help me stay super fresh in the city smog, and sunnies and a must for the crisp spring sunshine.  My little Marc Jacobs tote is filled with my must have prescription medication, and a few must have pick me ups I haven’t pictured today.  I intend to do a vlog soon with some of my all time faves, so watch out those of you who are subscribed to my YouTube Channel.

My handbag was  bargain buy from Accessorize.  I love it’s tweedy satchel geekery with the sewn on accessories.  I picked it up for about £12 I think in the duty free on a boat trip over to France (to look at makeup of course).

My weekend bag did steal the limelight a little over my Accessorize old faithful.  With it’s pretty paisley patterns and on-trend oilcloth finish, it was just right to stow my gorgeous threads.

With just a little peek at the colourful clobber inside my gorgeous bag – I know, I’m a tease. This acquisition from The Dot Com Gift Shop was just perfect to stow my clothes and making pretty things needed for a night or 2 away.

I like to work on the 5 P’s – prior planning prevents poor performance, or the 4 A’s – Awesome Accessories Always Accentuate

Do you like to plan plan plan, or are you more a fly by the seat of your pants girl?  Do you count every item in and out, or are you happy with a pair of clean knickers and a toothbrush

18 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? – Trip to London ‘where is my Oystercard’?

  1. You're so organised! I try and be prepared when I travel. However it usually is a panicked 'chuck it all in and hope for the best' in the 10 mins before I leave the house!

  2. My bag is always crammed with a load of random receipts and odd bits of pieces that end up in there because D needs them! 🙂 I do love that satchel bag – it's great!

  3. I never leave without pressing over the counter drug, for example, paracetamol, and also solutions for surprise tummies and a fundamental medical aid unit. Notwithstanding garments and shoes there are vital, for example, doctor prescribed medicine.

  4. My weekend pack did take the spotlight somewhat over my Accessorize old dedicated. With it's pretty paisley designs and on pattern oilcloth complete, it was simply right to stow my flawless strings.

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