What do we do while the boys are watching footy? Twitter party 30th May 2014 | World Cup

I know some of you girls love the footy, but myself I’m not a fan.  It’s long and hard to follow and makes me miss Britain Got Talent.  That is a punishable by death in my house, just ask J.
So what do us girls do while the boys are watching the football?  It’s World Cup season so there’s no getting away from it.
Today my missing #BGT hump will be nicely assuaged by a fab twitter party – woot – I love me a party, especially one I can go to in my PJ’s.  There’s a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes of £50 if you come and tweet along with myself and the other hosts using
It’s all happening between 1-2pm TODAY -Bring along your ideas for things to do while the footy is on for a chance to win 1 of the 3 £50 John Lewis voucher prizes. I really look forward to seeing you all there.

If you like a the chance of winning big cash prizes or a 60″ TV (for watching BGT or the footie) while having fun and playing bingo (I love a game – two little ducks – quack quack) visit the Wink Bingo website.

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