We’re up all night to get blogging: Here’s to an amazing Autumn

Well space fans, after an idyllic honeymoon with my hubby, it’s now back to real life.  Though not quite sipping virgin cocktails by the pool, it certainly had it’s merits.  After being struck by the muse at about 11pm yesterday, I started sorting things out, going through my inbox, and actually getting very genuinely excited about the coming three months.


In bed at just after 3am with hubby snoring away next to me, I have been cooking up a cavalcade of fun, food, fashion, family for the new season.  I won’t give to much away, but I can promise you:

There will be baking.

There will be fabulous fashion.

There will be charity events.

There will be inspirational real life stories.

There will probably be me me shooting my mouth off and painting my nails….

So stay tuned – I promise you that Autumn on Around and Upside Down is going to be amazing….


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