Weight loss with Diet Chef: week 1

Today is weigh in day for me, and after a week of eating surprisingly delicious Diet Chef meals my weight loss for week 1 is:


On the Diet Chef plan, you can expect to lose 1-2lb per week so this was a really great surprise.

At my first weigh in, before I started the plan, I was quite thrilled to see I had only gained 3lb since my last weight loss effort in June 2014.  I lost over a stone with Lighter Life Fast, so a loss of 4.4lb means I’m back on track.  I’m also looking for a more permanent lifestyle change.  Being naturally large framed, and know that I’ll never be a size 8, nor do I want to be, but I am currently bigger than I feel comfortable with, which is one thing that has prompted the change.  Health wise I also need to watch my weight, as I can’t exercise the way I used to to manage my weight.  Last, but not least, J and I are trying for a baby and I know that losing some weight will aid fertility and lead to a healthy pregnancy.  I don’t want to dart from diet to diet, which is why I chose Diet Chef to get me started on the road to healthier eating and better weight management.

Beginning by choosing all my favourite meals and snacks on their website, I was sent a months supply of everything I need to lose weight.  With the addition of 5 portions of fruit and veg a day, and two portions of low fat dairy, my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack are taken care of.


I’ve really enjoyed the choices so far, with an average day starting with porridge or granola (or a bar for when you’re on the go) and choc full of tasty soups, pasta, popcorn and hearty main meals, losing weight is easy, quick and tasty.  Diet Chef are also helping me to get a feel for portion control, which is so very important.  For so many, the weight loss ends when the diet ends, and if anything is gained back.  Diet Chef is geared up to give you an idea of the food you can eat in real terms, and is about moderation, not deprivation.


I’m really looking forward to next weeks choices, and the bonus weight loss that comes with the plan.  I will be reporting in again next week, when I feel sure I will have some good news.

Are you trying to lose weight right now?  How do you manage your weight?

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