Visit to Porchester castle: what’s the story?

In around 2006 (pre wheelchair) we used to take regular walks around Porchester castle.  I personally am fascinated by the architecture, but the children (then around 4 and 7) found lots of other things perks to exploring an old building

Like finding hidey-holes to sit in, and pose for mummy’s pictures

Mummy liked the old-fashioned cobbles, and walking along the sea-front

Where we got to look at the posh boats

Or the plants and bugs

It was a clear day, so we got a great view over the water, and could see the Spinnaker Tower.
Looking at the pictures I think my wheelchair could just about cope with these paths – so we will have to visit again soon
All the Small Things - MummyNeverSleeps

24 thoughts on “Visit to Porchester castle: what’s the story?

  1. What a wonderful post Vicky – it looks amazing at Porchester Castle. Wonderful photographs too, you should definitely re-visit it one day. Thank you for sharing with #whatsthestory I'll share in the morning given I've got to you so late 🙂

  2. We love visiting castles but we haven't been to this one yet, think we'll have to plan a visit this summer! Thanks for linking up on FunForFamilies 🙂

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