Viking Direct Review: Stationary and Office Supplies and Everything in Between

My name is Vicky and I am….a stationary addict!  It started back in school when the smell of freshly sharpened pencils was what got me up in the morning, and by the end….I was found laying in a gutter with nothing but my post-it notes and permanent markers to my name…..
Seriously though (I say that alot don’t I?), I really do love stationary.  Anyone who has read my filofax post may have grasped this.  I can’t help myself, I just love a fresh ruled A4 pad and a pencil.  It’s always the start of something good.  Even though I love my laptop and my ginormous phone (mentioned here in a post from the archives), I could never forsake my lovely lovely notelets and legal pads.  And so it is little surprise that Viking Direct was for me, a veritable wet dream.
Offering everything you could possibly need in a modern office from binders to biscuits, it is also a great place for those seeking back to school supplies, home office furnishings, and necessary implements to organise and declutter anywhere from the most darling dilettante to the biggest business.
My order was, as you can imagine, most satisfying.
Binders and Filofax inserts (did I tell you about my Filofax?)
Masking tape and Filofax sticky notes insert
Handbag shaped Post-It note holder!! Need I say more?
Different coloured tapes – more durable than washi tape but still fun.  Great for name tapes or making things look pretty by covering them in tape.
Dymo tape label maker!!  This was my best buy, if I had to choose.  It was £13.99 and came with 2 cartridges.  I have now labelled literally everything in my house.
And there you have it, my stationary love fest.  If you are a stationary lover, or if you just need some pens (or biscuits), I highly recommend you visit Viking Direct
Are you a stationary lover, or have you left your notebook behind in favour of a tablet?  Are you a fan of the thank you note, or are they so 1990’s?  Let me know your thoughts – I always love to hear from you guys!

*I was given store credit to purchase items for review purposes.  All views are my own.

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37 thoughts on “Viking Direct Review: Stationary and Office Supplies and Everything in Between

  1. I never knew viking did so much pretty stuff, we bought loads from them when we had our business so looks like I missed out on a lot. I remember having a label maker about 20 something years ago, haha.

  2. I am a stationery addict too and love all your photos. I am going to make sure I hop out and get me one of those handbag post it notes xxx

  3. I love stationary, I much prefer a written letter to an email or Facebook message. I also much prefer post it notes to reminders on my phone! Never heard of Viking before, lovely review 🙂

  4. I'm in Stationery heaven right there with you! I love it all but NEED the handbag post it note holder x

  5. I like notepads. I use them a lot for writing down odd notes to myself, ideas, things to do…. but when I write for too long my wrist hurts…. so back to keypad I go…

  6. I have been looking for a diary that would be good to write notes etc in and didn't even think about a filofax!!! Thank you thank you because now i have just ordered one online and i am very excited to get one!!!!!! x

  7. Omg when I was in high school, I used to collect stationaries and I would let my closest friends write on them at the end of the school year as a remembrance. Especially scented ones and I still keep them now. I like gathering unique and very colorfu. Stationaries are awesome! Keep posting blogs like this! Very intertaining and will surely read them! Cheers!

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