Valentines Day Gift Guide

If reading my ‘5 steps to your best Valentines day‘ post has left you wanting more, then you’re in luck!  I have a few gems, both classic and slightly outside of the box that I would like to share with you.  This guide is mostly gloriously decadent, but I have thrown in some non-edibles for the health conscious among you.

Valentines chocolate

The classic.  Whether buying for a loved one of for yourself, February the 14th is the calenders get out clause to your post Christmas diet.  What can I say, blame Saint V.

Valentines gifts - through the mailbox

For the person who works long hours.  Who wants a prezzie you have to pick up from the Post Office 3 days after the big day. After work. In the dark.  You get the picture.


Valentines - personal pictures

Speaking of pictures – huzzah, one of my more diet friendly choices.  You can pop your own, your kids, or your partners face on just about anything.  Tip: If you’re single, try your best selfie with the caption ‘I’m sexy and I know it’.  Works every time…really, ask my husband.


18+ valentines gifts (adult content)

Speaking of sexy, and husbands (boy, I am the queen of segways today), this last one is strictly adults only.  A more, ehem, mature take on the subscription box, the Daring Box lives up to its name and gives you plenty of things to while away the hours of evening darkness till 8pm walks along the beach are once again possible.  Who said winter was all bad?

And there you have it – my compendium of gifts for this years Valentines day.  A day on which we celebrate all kinds of love.  Love of sweet things, love of  selfies, and…well, if your Mum and Dad didn’t tell you about that last kind of love, then it’s about time you had a chat.

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