The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben: books that motivate me – 2014 blogger challenge

January has been and gone, and we are still going strong.  The gorgeous group of girls (and boys) participating the the 2014 blogger challenge have smashed both of our topics so far, and I feel good about our third topic – books.  Who can fail to get excited about books?
I wanted to share with you a book that I have read over and over again, because each time I do it motivates me.  Gretchen Ruben has such an infectious fervour for her subject, I just can’t help but get juiced with each read.  Here’s a little about the book:
Published in 2011, The happiness Project was a front-runner in the whole positive psychology movement.  A lay-person herself, this is to Rubens advantage, as she is both down to earth and well read.  Her research and writing style is impeccable, and she stays true to the spirit of the Happiness Project throughout.

So what is a Happiness Project?

Rubens aim in the year she took to write this book was to find hidden happiness in an already fulfilled life. She ‘identifies the problem’ that she wishes to tackle, and spends a month working on that aspect of her life. She writes in the book that she blogged and tweeted throughout the process, and gained alot of support and perspective from her readers.  I think we can all relate to that.
Throughout her year of her very own ‘Happiness Project’, Ruben takes time to listen to her kids, fight right, and tackle her clutter, amongst other things.  Although she references numerous people whom she believes to be far more qualified to talk about the subject than herself, Rubens charm is that she is down to earth and approachable.  By the end of the book she’ll feel like your best friend.  Her unerring honesty and gentle humour really endear her to the reader.

And the best part?

Finishing a book, even one that is non-fiction can feel worse than a break up.  We get attached to the stories and characters, and don’t want it do end.  With this book it doesn’t have to.  If you’re not ready to get cracking on your own happiness project right away, you can visit the Happiness Project website.  Gretchen is also on twitter, and is very approachable.  If you get the happiness project bug, as I did, there are even local groups on Facebook and elsewhere on the web that you can join to keep the magic going.  I won’t want to say that this book will change your life….but this book will change your life, and I guarantee it will be for the better.  Forget self help books, this is an auto biographical book detailing a a year in which the author implemented small manageable changes, and it changed her life for the better.  No grand claims, just small changes, big impact.  Who out there would say no to being happier?  Till next time…

18 thoughts on “The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben: books that motivate me – 2014 blogger challenge

  1. Didn't hear about this book before. Sounds like the type well worth owning and reading… most likely, in my case, over and over again

  2. I am part way through this one too, though to my shame I started it just after Christmas…too much blog reading and not enough book reading! I'm enjoying it though I found the 'be nice to your husband whatever he does' month a bit of a strain ha! #bloglove

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