Staying In is the new Going Out: How to Save Money and Have a Great Night Out

When you leave your 20’s behind (which I did some time ago), you have more responsibilities, less money, but still an innate desire to socialise.  To spend time with friends and unwind from a busy week.  To celebrate, to commiserate, just to be together.  Even for a non-drinker, a night out at the pub can really hurt the purse strings.  It was that, in part, that prompted myself and J to host Halloween at home.  We had a houseful of friends who were thoroughly fed, watered and entertained.  Here’s a glimpse of how our Halloween bash played out.

2014-10-31 18.09.56

We went a little different with our selection of beverages, especially for such a colourful festival.  I made skittle vodka, using cheap vodka poured over skittles.  I seperated the colours first.  After a few days, and pouring through a coffee filter till translucent, these were the results.

2014-11-12 16.01.06

Our guests also enjoyed cocktails, made with the spookishly green Midori melon liquer.  Out of Midori and lemonade, Midori and champagne, and Midori and a lemon lime alcoholic pop, the Midori and lemonade was the most popular.

2014-11-01 19.57.46

Savoury snacks and cookies from the new Mars range were super tasty, and helped with responsible drinking.

 334248642Add some fab friends, and you’ve got a night in to rival any night out.

Do you like to have rowdy parties or quiet get togethers?  A night in or a night out?  Or just a night off?

Have a great weekend!

*we were very lucky to be provided with a host of party goodies courtesy of the guys at florida4less

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