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While out shopping the other day, me and J went into Sports Direct in search for a) Christmas pressies and b) trainers for J, hopefully both.  We found the perfect pair for J, but when we asked for it in his size (an 11), the sales assistant came back and said they only had a 10 or a 12.  While J contemplated the possibilities of either squeezing into a 10, or packing out a 12, I asked the sales assistant if they had a website.  I understood this to be a fairly stupid question when the sales assistant responded with a variant of ‘yeah…duh!’

So we came home with a view to ordering said trainers online, and I just got around to doing that.  I am so pleased I did, for several reasons.  The first is that the physical store is really really difficult to tackle in a wheelchair, even for a practised hand such as myself, and I found myself constantly banging into aisle end displays, barely missing peoples feet, and having to reverse when I tried to navigate an aisle that was either to narrow, or a dead end.

The second is that they have some great items on sale.  I don’t usually consider myself to be a ‘sportwear’ kinda gal, particularly as any sport my clothing may elude to would be totally ironic.  That having been said, I did have a little look around the womenswear section when I saw some of the prices, and am pleased to say I’ve bagged myself a nice little haul.

The above V neck top from LA gear is currently on sale for just £2.50.  It comes in sizes 8-20, and in loads of cool colours.  I actually had ‘basic plain tops’ on my to buy list when we went out, but the shopping centre was so busy I just could not brave Primark.  These seem to totally fit the bill, and I ordered seven in total in different colours. 

I ordered the above Miss Fiori pumps in black and grey, at just £3.50  pair.  I really couldn’t believe it.  I actually looked at these shoes in the store, but they didn’t have them in my size.  I was so thrilled to find them online at the same price.  Sizes are limited, but there are tonnes of other styles in different sizes at similar prices, so it is well worth a look.

Sports Direct do loads of non-sportswear clothes and footwear, I really to recommend checking them out.  The website says the sale is for today only, but in my experience this store has some sort of a sale on pretty much all the time.  Just in case however, I am posting this today.  Who wants to tempt fate.

Things to consider

The basic non-urgent postage is £4.99 per order, so if you only wanted to buy one thing for example, it would push the total price up quite a bit.  If however it’s for a few bits and pieces, or even split between you and a friend, it becomes far more reasonable.

A little tip from BBC’s Watchdog: Unless you remove their magazine from your basket, you will unwittingly order and pay for it.  It is only £1, but I personally think it’s rather naughty, so before you checkout, make sure you’ve removed it from your bag, unless of course you would like to buy it.

Lastly, as with pretty much all online purchases, I recommend buying through a cashback site.  These sites actually pay you for clicking through to the site you want to order from, and pay you a percentage of your order.  I personally use Topcashback, who pay 5.05% of the total order in cashback.  I won’t go into how these sites work now, but if anyone would like, I can do a future blog post about them.  I love them, and they help me save for Christmas every year.

So overall, I highly recommend taking a look at  I will do a further blog post about delivery and quality of the items ordered, but so far I am extremely impressed.

Thanks for reading

As always if you’ve any questions of comments, please share.  I love hearing from you x

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