Sharing the love: live and let live – an end to discrimination and hatred – one person at a time #motivationalmonday

Happy Monday lovelies!  For our last Monday in February – our month to show and share our love, I really want to go a little further afield.  Outside the home, outside our country and across the globe.  Don’t stop reading just yet – I’m not proposing a movement or a mass love in, just a little tolerance.
Here’s the good news: peoples attitudes to diversity are slowly changing.  Whether you’re championing your own cause, such as disability or special needs, or another more personal to yourself, it is a rare person that doesn’t have a ’cause’ that’s close to their hearts for one reason or another, and that’s great!  I have things I’m really passionate about, and so do many people that I hold in very high regard.
I’m a lover not a fighter: this is true for me, and for alot of people who also fall into the last category; those who have a cause that they fight for.  More than a cheesy chat up line, the aforementioned phrase embodies a set of ideals.  Make love not war?  Ok, so we’re still a little ‘adult’ in the phraseology here, but the era that spawned such catchphrases really was the start of something wonderful in our country and around the world.  Nearly 50 years later, we’ve come a long way – but not nearly far enough.  There is still so much hate in the world, and much of it we can do little about.  We can’t do alot for the people suffering fear and persecution around the world.  We can fight, in that we can campaign and spread awareness, which are innately positive actions that often appear overtly hostile.  In my eyes, this is the best way to fight.  how about the best way to love.
Live and Let Live

How about it?  If we turn the focus back to ourselves, the only people in this world who we can truly ever hope to change, imagine the possibilities.  If we are living in a way that hurts no one, and we are being judged, that is unfortunate, but it is the way the world is right now.  We judge people for the car they drive, the way they dress, the money they do or do not earn, before we even consider hot topics such as race, gender and sexuality (and for today – we won’t).  I do it myself.  That flash lad in the red car, that snooty fellow with the big wallet (yes, I am an inverted snob of a fashion -something which I am working on).

To the main point.  How can what we do or do not do and say impact others in a positive way?  How long is a piece of string?  If a person who regularly verbalises distaste of others in society keeps their opionions to themselves – that is progress.  If the girl who walks with her head down looks up and says Good Morning – that is progress.  If the man who is cooking for his family and delivers a hot meal to the elderly couple next door – that is progress.

 In my personal life I do not strive to be the best, but I wake up every day with the will to do better, and for me that brings peace of mind and fosters a spirit of sustained growth, something which is said to be vital for personal wellbeing. To finish on another cliche, which sounds trite but is nonetheless very true – we cannot love others until we love ourselves.  More than hearts and flowers, as nice as they are, I hope that February reminds people how important love is, for ourselves, for each other, and for the world we live in – as it’s the great people in our great nation that really do make it Great Britian.

Thank you for reading

Motivational Monday

33 thoughts on “Sharing the love: live and let live – an end to discrimination and hatred – one person at a time #motivationalmonday

  1. What gorgeous sentiments! I'm right there with you. We DO need to love more, be more understanding and forgiving. Happy Valentine's month!

  2. Absolutely! Children will always be curious. When a little one says to their mummy 'mummy, why is that lady in that thing' I smile and say as little or as much as I feel is appropriate depending on the age of the child etc. I think recognising difference is almost innate, but acting on them need not be if we lead by example. Well done Mum 🙂

  3. It's so weird Joy as I was going to include RAAK too – but didn't want to have an epic post. Think your February theme has god us all thinking – in a totally awesome way 🙂
    Vicky – AAUD

  4. Hi Vicky
    We all need to follow your advice and the world would be a better place.
    I have never been one to judge and try to treat others with respect at all times but there are some cruel people out there.
    I like your attitude. You are a good person xx

  5. A great post. My little boy has autism and he has made me a better person. I hope the world carries on this pathway of acceptance of diversity as I do not want my son to ever think he has to change to try and fit in.

  6. I like this idea a lot – I'd like to think I try to say, and do, nice things almost all of the time.

    Today might not be the best example, after I got caught up in a not very enjoyable conversation , but in general!

    I love this post

  7. Brilliantly put. I try to put this into practice in my every day life to set an example to my kids – in particular to my 7 year old daughter. It's not until you take a step back that you realise how much we do judge.

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