Preparing for the future as a parent

Being a parent changes your priorities in such a major way.  As soon as your child is born, there is a huge shift in what is important to you as a person.  You’d do anything for them.  My ‘little 0nes’ are now teenagers and I revel in seeing them blossom.  They have all I have to give, and they will continue to as long as I’m around.

As unpleasant as it is so think about death, there comes a point in every adults life where you have to plan for the future, especially if you have children.  Here are some essential steps to take to ensure that you’ll always be looking after your children, even after you’ve gone.

Writing a will

This really is step one.  If you don’t have specific instructions regarding your assets things can get messy.  Just think of how many families you’ve seen battling over who gets this brooch and that ring.  It can fracture a family at just the point where they should be coming together.  Taking a couple of hours to make your wishes clear in a legal document will save a lot of issues when the time comes.


Nobody can replace a parent, but leaving a financial legacy could mean so much for your children, even when they are adults themselves.


Preparing for your funeral

Another essential step which will ensure not only that your wishes are carried out but that your family aren’t left worrying and wondering how you would want to be laid to rest.  You can start by looking at what’s available.  Would you like a church funeral? Do you have a preference for cremation or burial? Take a look at the bespoke headstones on offer to see how you’d like to be remembered.

Talking to your family

Death is a part of life, but a part we don’t like to speak about.  Have a discussion with the members of your family who are old enough to understand.  If your children are still young, it’s essential that you decide who would look after your children if the worst were to happen.  Talk to the people you would entrust your children with and make sure they understand your wishes.


Stay current

We all hope that we will have a long and happy life, and most do.  Update your will regularly with any relevant changes in your life

And once you have everything in place, open a bottle of wine and get on with enjoying your life, knowing that the future is taken care of.


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