Plus Size Awards 2015

As a blogger with a lot of passion but no real ‘niche’, I have the privilege of chatting and socialising with many groups of bloggers representing many different genres.  Each has its own charms, but I have to put my hands up and say that the plus size bloggers I have met are amongst some of the most genuine, least competitive and most supportive bunch out there.  The rivalries, cattiness and disagreements that can be an unfortunate part of a pastime beloved by so many are virtually a non issue within the plus size community.  I have a few theories on just why this is the case, but for the most part I just sit back and enjoy the ride, as I did the weekend before last.


J and I in our posh togs

For the second year running I was lucky enough to attend the Plus Size Awards at the Raddison Blu Portman h0tel in London.  There will I’m sure be many posts and articles giving you the rundown of who won which award, but other than to extend a huge congratulations not only to the winners but to all the nominees, I will gloss over the actual awards and give you a peek into this uber glamorous event as I experienced it.

IMG_20151121_195138 (1)

Regardless of the occasion, any event which crams this many amazing people in one venue is a chance to chat, laugh and have fun.  Each and every person there was dolled up to the max.  It certainly was a celebration of sequins.  I dodged the red carpet and headed straight for the champagne reception as I was keen to start tackling my tick list of people I just had to hug.  In true Around and Upside Down style though, I backed into and ran over just as many, who fortunately were very gracious.   In case you’re wondering ‘Around and generally creating wanton destruction’ was already taken as a blog name.


On to a delicious three course meal followed by the awards themselves, which were sandwiched in between fantastic entertainment portions.  We laughed, we cried, we sung along.  We nearly put out table-mates eye out trying to ‘dance’. Just me? The acts were phenomenal and the audience was generous. It was a night to remember.


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