My #Britmumslive Blogging Conference Roundup: Good Friends Good Times – The Chocolate and the Wine

I doubt that anyone reading this will not know about Britmums live and has probably heard so much about it. To that end I will make this short and sweet, but could not leave it unmarked.
This is me in a nutshell, so is anyone saw the above person at the above location, it was meeeee!  A retrospective hello to you!  Because that was the thing that struck me most about what was my first ever blogging conference, I spent the whole time there talking with people who I felt like I knew already after having read their blogs.  This means talking, hugs, squealing and merriment – it was a total blast!  I have to confess that as a pretty shy person I worried that I would spend the whole time in the corner while the ‘real bloggers’ got down to business, but that couldn’t have been further from the case.  There wouldn’t have been enough hours in the day to speak to everyone I had wanted to unless we had set up some sort of macabre speed dating type scenario.  Much ground has been covered since on social media which I am glued to.  Anyone in the same position, especially if you often find yourself awake well into the AMs do follow me on twitter.  There are actually quite a gaggle of us.
Mmm….food, and my gorgeous fiancé Jason.  He’s my helper in chief and in charge of opening doors and things so we are rarely apart.  Together we make the perfect person, and I think that has to be anyone’s definition of a soul mate.
Some snaps with Joanna from Ojos World, Jo from  My Monkeys Don’t Sit Still, Claire from Ninja Killer Cat and below Kathryn from Bumps and Grind.  I chatted with so many other people, to many to mention by name, but didn’t get my camera out nearly enough.  Something I will remedy next year – yes, my ticket is already booked!
My photos of the Brilliance in Blogging awards and of the conference talks themselves were not great, so I have only included a couple for flavour.
In short:  I laughed, I was moved to tears, I was touched, I smiled, I felt deep connections and all within 30 minutes of arrival.  I listened to people who have used their efforts to inspire change, and who shared their gifts for entertaining others.  A world of difference in the people who attended, with two things in common.  We were all parents, and all bloggers.  In a world where technology makes it so easy to connect with information yet often so hard to connect with people, I am so proud to be in an industry that marries up the two. 

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