My 100th post so far: milestones and awards – MAD blog awards – Don’t Forget To Vote!

Wow-ee – I’m in one of those odd places where I can’t believe how little time has passed yet I feel like I’ve been doing something forever – like being a mum, being with my partner, or being ever so slightly unhinged (in a good way – I hope!).  In this case it is blogging.  I only started blogging in November of last year, and I feel like a newbie and like I’ve been blogging forever at the same time.  I can’t imagine not doing it.  It fits like a second skin.
Recently I’ve seen my readers and followers growing pretty steadily, celebrating at 500 bloglovin followers with an awesome Benefit giveaway (still open!) and I have now surpassed 600, which is really thrilling.  It is so lovely to know that people enjoy reading the things that I love to write.
To that end, I have been nominated in the MAD blog awards – and am absolutely bowled over that some wonderful readers have enjoyed my blog enough to nominate me.  The categories I know I have received votes/nominations for so far are Best New Blog, Best Blog Writer, Best Thrifty Blog and Most Entertaining Blog – how amazing is that?
If you enjoy reading what I love writing and haven’t already – I would love it if you followed my blog however you see fit, you you can receive regular updates when I post.  I know my content is a little far reaching at times, but my passions lay so far and wide I just can’t help myself.  If there is anything you particularly enjoy reading about please do let me know, and i will be sure to include more posts on that topic, be it family, food, beauty, fashion or everyday life.  If you’ve any new suggestions I would love to hear them too.
I get so much from blogging.  I said from the start that if even one person enjoys reading what I have written then it is worth it, but the experience has brought more than I could ever have dreamed of.
If you are a regular reader, or if you have just stumbled in after seeing something you like the look of, please consider me when nominating/voting for the MAD blog awards.  It only takes a few moments and you’d really make my year.  Just click on the link below and pop in my web address to nominate in whichever categories you see fit.
MAD Blog Awards

While you are voting, please consider all the wonderful blogs that are out there in so many different genres.  I am pretty sure I qualify as new, but there are blogs that I personally read (and have voted for) which showcase fantastic photography, learning with children, crafts, special needs and all the wonderful diversity that we are treated to in this life – not just in the blogging world.  There is a category for pretty much anything you could think of, and it’s a great way to say thank you to those who provide fantastic blog posts for us to read day in and day out, with the same refreshing vim and originality with each post.  Whether you’re a reader or a writer (or both) – happy blogging!

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