Mums list #7 – what’s going on in my week?

During a recent stroll around the blogosphere (people in wheelchairs are allowed to take metaphorical strolls – I checked) I stumbled upon (yes, we can metaphorically fall over to) a wonderful new linky on You Baby Me Mummy run by Hannah at Mum’s Days.  Mums’ list is a linky where, as the name would suggest, we get to detail what we have been up to this week, and to an extent what we will be doing next week (it would be against the rules to give to many spoilers, plus I’m not psychic).  So here is my personal submission for week 7 of the linky.  Better late than never.


J has submitted to being ordered around by me to get the bedroom sorted out for spring and summer.  In a moment of madness, I decided my bedroom would look good in what in the store looked like a nice shade of milky coffee, but on the walls reduced my once airy bedroom to a dank prison cell.  It is now bright and rejuvenated in a lovely shade of mint.  We’ve having a mini-makeover which involved buying gorgeous girly nick – knacks.  I love how us ladies get the power of veto on the bedroom (in more ways than one) so we don’t end up in dank bachelor pad type of sleeping space.  There’s a reason they call it a womens touch.

We took a productive spin around Morrrisons.  As one of Britmums #MorrisonsMums we took advantage of Morrisons price drops and as a result have enough food to feed in army.  Myself, I take a note from Nigella and have never knowingly undercatered.  To-wit, I am very happy to have a well stocked gally.

Got moving with some more wedding things.  After the initial frenzied purchases of fish bowls and banquet roll, I have been extremely hit and miss with the organisations.  This is partly down to J being made redundant, and partly due to having a head full of holes.  We intend to get to the registry office next week and show them all of the papers that say we are both in a position to marry, so whatever other cuts we have to make, I will be walking rolling down the aisle on the the 6th of August.  It’s also prompted me to tie up the last few boring knots left untied from the divorce, but that is for the solicitor to take care of.


I am forever tweaking my blog, but with only limited talents I get frustrated that my skills aren’t developing as quickly as my aspirations.  This is a good lesson to be patient, let things grow at their own pace, and to lean on friends.  I need to take pride in the things I do well rather than being driven crazy by the things I can’t get right, and remember I didn’t have the skills I have now a year ago.

As ever I am almost constantly on instagram, twitter and facebook.  Because I follow everyone that has even the most remote connection to things that interest me, I am following almost 12000 people on twitter.  This means that my twitter feed is really really hard to engage with, and I am lucky if I can catch the tiniest glimpse of what what from my actual feed.  I’ve been trying other apps, but haven’t been wowed as yet.  If anyone has ideas for how to better manage my social media, I would love some suggestions.

I need to sit down and do a heck of a lot of work.  Because of my health, I try to keep ahead of myself so I’m not constantly chasing my tail, but it only takes a couple of days of being out of action to close the gap again so I need to work triple hard to catch up.  Plus I am going away in less than a month, and my dream of covering my holiday with posts I’d done ahead of time is getting further and further away.  Plus blogger is seriously making my life difficult by not putting posts up when they are scheduled.  This has meant that I have had a couple of time sensitive posts not go up and having to be binned, then typing up a whole different post with new non-time sensitive photos.  It seems I need to firstly watch blogger like a hawk and not trust it to do what I ask it to do, and get seriously into catching up and trying to sort out something more permanent.


I talk to lots of people from the disabled community on social media.  We are all very different people and have different things going wrong with us.  Two things disabled people hate are being pitied and being held up as some kind of inspiration for getting on and living their lives the best way they can, but I have to say I so often feel humbled.  My friend Emily is partially sighted and runs the most wonderful fashion website Fashioneyesta.  I will be featuring an interview with her after she’s finished her A-Level exams which she’s currently taking.  Wish her good luck on Twitter, and tell her I sent you.  Her mum Emma is also the sweetest, and makes gorgeous personalised jute bags.  You can find her designs on Facebook and her lovely self on Twitter.

My kids are my world.  Everything they say and do fills me with joy, and every moment they are away I miss them.  Family life after divorce is hard, before you throw in all the extra things they’ve had to contend with, and they have come through it all with grace and determinism.  I am very proud of the young people they are, and hopeful for the adults they will become.

Jason my fiance is possibly the kindest sweetest man I have ever met, and how lucky am I to call him my own-some.  He supports me through everything, and in the words of Bridget Jones ‘loves me just as I am’.  Who can possibly ask for more?

OK, a little bit soppy this week, but as I have some of the biggies out of the way, I can get on with the other less obvious yet still just as important ones in next weeks post.

And there you have it, my plan for the week.  Thanks for reading, and I look forward to catching up with you guys on twitter, which is where I live when I’m not physically creating a blog post.

Have an awesome Bank Holiday weekend.  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, but I look forward to hearing what you did come Tuesday.

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38 thoughts on “Mums list #7 – what’s going on in my week?

    1. Thank you Betty. This is what I love about linkys – discovering new blogs and new friends. Thank you for your lovely comments x

  1. Someone has been busy !! I think your blog looks really lovely and congrats on 12000 on twitter 🙂

    1. Thanks Sharon what a lovely comment. Took literally 100's of hours following other people to get there, but that's what insomnia is for 😉

    1. Absolutely Nayna – gonna be another busy week but as you say it's great to get lots done. I want to try out your veggie curry recipe soon…it's been running round in my mind 🙂

    1. Thank you. I think sometimes when we see our own blog day in day out it can start looking tired to us, when people visiting have the complete opposite opinion. Thanks for the ego boost 😉

    1. Thanks Jen – that thought crossed my mind earlier today when I popped someone on a list so I wouldn't keep 'losing' them. Think I'd best get listing 🙂

    1. You are very welcome 🙂 I am going to get cracking on some lists. As you say there are people I follow but don't necessarily natter with on a regular basis – so I need to get bloggey nattery friends all in one list. Oh how I love to descimate the English language with nonsense words (forgive me – it's been a long day) 😉

    1. Woot – sisters in arms. I bet Morrisons across the country did not know what hit them this weekend with us lot descending on them 😉

    1. Me too – extremely reasonable. More pennies left over to buy naughty choccie bars….for the kids….honest 😉

  2. Vicky, What a pleasure to read!
    Congratulations on your big day just around the corner. I hope you manage to tie-up all the loose ends.
    I will be doing frontroom shuffle, moving everything around tomorrow. I can't afford to decorate so a change I hope will lift my spirits. (Yes I too will be shopping #MorrisonsMum tomorrow I cant wait.
    Good luck Honey, fab Blog x

    1. Aw, thank you Lucy, what lovely comments. Yes, a change is as good as a rest, though given the choice I'd choose the change and the rest 😉 Hope your shop went well 🙂

  3. Sounds like a manic week – I loved poking around Morrisons too although I struggled to find what I wanted as I rarely shop there

    1. It is a little different, which I guess means seeing lots of new products but also being unable to find the old favourites so easily to 🙂

  4. Hi Vicki, thanks for linking in with #MumsList! What a great 1st post – I already feel like I know you 🙂

    I don't know what it is about showrooms but the colour NEVER looks the same at home. A prison cell, on the other hand, is something else!

    Good luck to you and Jason for the last of the wedding prep – you've got ages to go though… I did all my prep (including wedding dress) in 6 months and had to sort the caterer out in the week before. That was fun. Not!

    Anyhoo, thanks again and I hope to see you again this week! love Hannah xx

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