Mothers Day Gift Guide: All the Tea and China

Another Mothers day inspired gift guide: inspired being the operative word.  This guide covers two of my favourite things; tea and travel.  Other than being alliterative there isn’t much connection between the two, but if your Mum is anything like me, she will enjoy any of these gorgeous picks.
I love a proper teacup and saucer and this set is just to pretty for words.  There are loads of others available on the site, but this one matches my next pick.
2.  Vintage China Cake Stand from DotCom Gift Shop – £29.95
Matching the teacup, this cake stand is just adorable, and screaming to be filled with afternoon nibbles.  Both traditional and very on trend, the vintage inspired china items from Dot Com Gift shop make perfect pressies.
You can’t have a proper tea set without quality tea, and this is just what you are getting in this variety pack from The Tea Co.  Containing six different varieties of loose tea, this is just perfect for the tea connoisseur who wants to take things to the next level.  I’ve tried all of the teas in this box and I can safely say that when you’ve tried them, plain old tea bags will never taste the same again.

Tea and cake
If your Mum’s not a tea lover, I highly recommend checking out the Mothers Day range from The Dot Com Gift Shop.  I was absolutely blown away by all the things they have on offer right down to pocket money prices of a couple of pounds
Have you bought anything for your Mum yet? Do you know what you’ll be getting for Mothers Day?

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