Marwell dream night: an amazing after hours experience – what’s the story? – magic moments

I adore a blog hop.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and to read some blogs that I wouldn’t otherwise come across.  This week I was wondering which event to type up for What’s the Story on Podcast, and I came across the Magic Moments hop hosted by The Oliver’s Madhouse.  I knew I had a potential post that was perfect for both 🙂
Due to note keeping which is very unusual for me, I can tell you that we attended the Marwell Dream Night on the 18th of July 2010, so the little ones would have been 11 and 8
We all adore Marwell – and the Lemurs are one of our favourite animals
We have been on the front line for many marvelous moments over the years.  Jessica has even visited in Marwell from the warmth of mummies tummy.
The animals come up to welcome us – but we know not to put out hands through the bars!
Mummy even looked at the smelly hippo – which she had to avoid when Jess was in her tummy as it made her sick!
We even enjoy the less cuddly animals
The big cats were very blase about the whole event – but we were amazed!
We were there when the park started to get dark – and it was July, so it was pretty late.  It was past Mummy’s bedtime!
I think some of the animals even strolled off to bed!
All in all it was a wonderful evening – and Mummy couldn’t resist getting out of her wheelchair for a picture in front of the Red Pandas (even though they were already in bed).  The kangaroos put on a show for us too – as they indulged in some grown up kangaroo fun.  Well – it was their bedtime too!
The Marwell dream night was magical and we were surrounded by other disabled Mums, Dads and children.  We have since been back for similar events, but it would take alot to top this.  It really was a dream night – and one we will remember for a long time 🙂

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