Making your money go further: Tesco direct put to the test – mini bedroom makeover

When I’m buying my groceries, I’m always looking to save money, not only on my food but on household items.  This is what always leads me to the clothing and home wears section in the supermarket.  I love browsing the bargains and taking home something I love for half the price it would cost me elsewhere.  So when J and I decided our dingy bedroom needed a face lift, there was nowhere else I knew that could make my money go further than a supermarket brand.  In collaboration with Debt Free Direct we sent the transformation in motion with an order from Tesco Direct.  Our mission – to transform the room and to prove that you can save money by choosing supermarket brands, which I believe are just as good as their more expensive counterparts.  Debt free direct want to actively encourage people to save money, and bring home the fact that you can still have the things you want in life by choosing a less costly alternative.
First to look as what we had:
We had the makings of a great room.  Lovely curtains, and a light airy room when not painted in what, when on the walls, makes the room look like a prison cell.  I swear it looked gorgeous in the shop!
Here’s what we bought:
The total for all these items was less than £100!  Here’s the finished result:
If you can ignore the cats, you’ll see a complete change.  We bought a beautiful duvet set that complimented our curtains perfectly.  With a lick of paint that we already had, and the addition of some funky cushions and accessories, it really brings the bed area together.  It’s light and airy and has a totally different feel.  We are really pleased with it and so pleased that we made our money go further by shopping smart!
Are you more high end or high street?  Do you have champagne tastes on a beer budget?  Have you got into trouble spending to much, or are you a careful spender and saver?

16 thoughts on “Making your money go further: Tesco direct put to the test – mini bedroom makeover

  1. I do love the Tesco home range – it seems really stylish this year and you'd never know some of the things came from a supermarket and cost what they actually cost. Bargains x

  2. Lovely transformation.
    I think if you look carefully you can find very nice, tasteful items at supermarket

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