Listening to my body and asking for help – being kind to me #motivationalmonday

Hey guys – happy Monday!  I’ve been a little under the weather lately – so apologies for the late post.  A burst of productivity last week meant that I was able to get some blogging done and schedule some posts during the week, but I’ve now caught up with myself.  I know in previous posts I have mentioned tests etc going on at the moment.  They are, more than anything because I have no idea what is going on with my body, so the professionals have been sent in, so to speak.  The problem with having several co-morbid conditions (conditions which exist side by side with one another – and can complicate each other), is never really being able to pinpoint what is wrong.  Is it this condition, is it that condition, am I run down, do I have a bug?  Not sure right now – I just know I am poorly.  Often if I am in pain or fatigued, I can still sit on my laptop for 18 hours a day, but I’ve been having problems with my eyes, which has made my usual amount of screen time impossible.  Even moderation has only worked so far, but after a weekend of rest, and no blogging, I aim to be back in one capacity or another.  Posts may been a little less plentiful this week, but normal service will resume shortly.
Motivational Monday
I simply could not miss out!  This month we have been tasked with showing those we love just how much we love them.  Last week I made a point of having a cup of tea and a chat with J when he came home from work.  There were biscuits to, and I can usually be found wherever calorie-laden food is available, so that was a bonus.  This past week I have been doing much the same, without the biscuits.  Making time to actually talk about our days rather than both semi-conversing while pre-occupied with something else is definitely a winner.  It’s often difficult so achieve when we all lead such busy lives but as many readers fed-back to me last week, it is something worth making time for.  Sitting down to a meal together, or spending that extra 10 minutes 1:1 with your children or spouse really does make a difference.
I had intended to up the anti this week, culminating with a veritable Valentines love-fest I have planned for later in the month (all PG I promise), but it really wasn’t possible.  J is my carer as well as my fiance, so we can get blurred lines (and not in the creepy Robin Thicke way) in our relationship.  All the more reason to remain vigilant, and give when you can, take when you need too.  Relationships are all about give and take, but being in a relationship with someone who is disabled and/or chronically ill really necessitates a special person.  Whether it is something that has happened over time, or something that both of you were aware of when entering into the relationship (as in our case) love needs to trump all the hassle and shifts that come with any life changing illness.  I am very blessed that J could see past all that when he met me, and I know alot of people who have partners or husbands (or wives) that are just as wonderful!
So in a week where J has mostly been looking after me, and showing me how much he loves me, I wanted to share a physical expression of that love:
You really can’t go wrong with pretty flowers, and these really brought a smile to my face.  All the rest, the gentle kisses, the attentiveness, helping me wash and dress, all the ‘little’ things he does to make my life better, I really couldn’t explain in words if I wrote for a lifetime.
So please, if you haven’t already, take a moment to treasure those you love xXx
Motivational Monday

7 thoughts on “Listening to my body and asking for help – being kind to me #motivationalmonday

  1. This a really uplifting post, you are so right that we need to take a moment to appreciate what we have x #MotivationalMonday

  2. Lovely post and gorgeous flowers, you are so right, we all need to appreciate what we have. Sorry for the delay in commenting and thanks for linking up 🙂

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