I Promise…to love you for the rest of my life: Valentines gift from the heart

For me, I Promise is really summed up by the above photo.  You know me, I’m all about the love – which is probably pretty sickening to any single readers who get assaulted by happy couples this time of year (I’m sorry!).  I’ve been baking, crafting and buying Valentines for the last month – which I have thoroughly enjoyed – but for me, it’s about what it boils down to; the special people in our lives and the reasons they are there.  Enter I Promise…
I’ll only be showing you snippets of my own version, as J has become a little more interested in my blog and there is every chance he will read it at work (if not over my shoulder), so do get the full skinny, check out their website.
The top picture is blurred for maximum secrecy.  I’m getting good at this covert stuff, and considering a career in MI5.  Scratch that – I’ll stick to blogging.
Ok, maybe just a little peek.  When I sat down to write my ‘Promises’ to J, it was actually a pretty profound time for me.  I took the time to think about out relationship, what is important to me, and to us, and the simple things we an take for granted that I wanted down in black and white.  When I read the cards upon there arrival, I was not disappointed.  I had goosebumps on my arms and a tear in my eye – so if J is not moved by them, he’s made of stone.  It was also pretty profound, as we are saying our big vows in August – our marriage vows – possible the biggest promises you can make besides ‘I’ll be your Mummy and love you forever’.
With prices from £9.50 posted, these are a great choice if you are not into poems and greetings cards.  What better sentiment than one that comes straight from your heart to his.  Also, if you’re not the romantic type, you could promise to always unload the dishwasher, or even to make your loves toes curl at every given opportunity.  The possibilities are endless.
What will you be doing this Valentines Day?  Would you be more bowled over by a tidy bathroom or a declaration of undying love?

*PR sample – views are my own

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