High End vs. High Street: Stretch Mark Treatments Put To the Test

It’s a big conundrum for many of us, does more expensive necessarily mean better?  Whether it’s food, beauty products or clothing and footwear, it’s hard to know whether buying cheap really does mean buying twice, or if you’re just paying for a brand.  In the first of a new series, I’m putting two products head to head to find out if it’s worth the splurge or if the budget product performs just as well.
Before I start, I ought to state that my idea of luxury and that of Grazia, Vougue etc are very different.  As a cash strapped Mum, it’s good to know where I can cut corners and where only the real deal will do. The prices I am comparing are £2 and £10, and future comparisons will be on around the same level.  As much as I adore reading Vogue, I think this is far more realistic for most of us.

Stretch Mark Treatments: Head to Head

The first product up for scrutiny is Creightons Your Body Stretch Mark Cream, purchased for £2 from the factory shop
The Second is Champneys Blissful Bump Stretch Mark Oil,* available from Boots at £10 (currently on offer with 1/3 off at £6.67)
Both products were quite different, though they offer the same sort of thing, to sooth and moisturise while preventing stretch marks.  My own personal stretch marks are good and permanent, and I am pretty proud of my tiger stripes.  I tested looking for application and moisturisation properties, of which both had their merits.


The Your Body branded cream went on smoothly.  An easy application you would expect from a cream.  The Champneys sprayed on but was equally easy to apply.


The Your Body branded cream was very thick and unctuous.  It felt nice between my fingers and went on smoothly, leaving my skin soft and plumpcious.  The Champneys was oil based, but was very light and smoothed in easily without leaving an oily film.


This is an important one for me, as I just can’t use a product I don’t like the smell of.  The Your Body was light and fresh.  With sweet almond oil and shea butter it is just as you would expect.  The Champneys is more perfumed, but the scent is very pleasant, warm and inviting.

Long term results

I tested both for a week, and I was equally impressed with the results of both.  Both sides of my mummy tummy were well taken care of.

Overall impressions

Both products performed equally well in the chief task of a stretch mark product; moisturisation.  The Champneys product did have a touch of luxury to it that I just can’t quite put my finger on, but the products are pretty comparable when it comes to the task at hand.  For me the choice between the two would come down to personal preference, and budget.  The run up to having a baby is most certainly a time to be treating yourself, so you may want to splurge on the Champneys.

Whichever you choose, and whether it’s for pre-baby stretchmark prevention or or general skin moisturisation I wish you all the best and hope that this review helped you with your choices.  Good luck.  Baby or not, life is one heck of a ride xXx
*PR sample, views are my own

24 thoughts on “High End vs. High Street: Stretch Mark Treatments Put To the Test

  1. I am covered in stretch marks since having my son and I absolutely hate them, nothing works for me. The Champneys looks and sounds great though xo

  2. I love that you said you are proud of your "tiger stripes" – definitely worth being proud of! Thanks for a great review!

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