Healthy eating: eating more, eating better – adding colour to my kitchen #motivationalmonday

That’s right you heard me – eating more!

Whenever I’ve been on a d….d….healthy eating plan, the thing I’ve noticed most is just how much you are compelled to eat.  Last time I did Weight Watchers, I actually struggled to eat the sheer amount of food that made up my points, and so eat more regularly throughout the day.  Now, the last sentence was a bit of a giveaway, I am a serial d…d…I’m often trying to lose weight.  Despite working very hard to be comfortable with myself; who I am, how I look, the size and weight I am, I do concede that I am currently heavier than I would like to be.

The galling thing is I know my problems like the back of my hand, the difficulty is with actual positive action.  I didn’t want to jump on the New Years Resolution bandwagon, and have watched the supermarkets shift from luxury Christmas food to lean calorie free/taste free pre-packaged heavily processed food with scorn.  Nevertheless, I believe I need to do something sooner rather than later, so here’s step one – identify the problem.

  1. I don’t eat enough
  2. I don’t start eating till late, and often don’t eat set ‘meals’.  Though grazing can be a good thing, it takes a pretty committed healthy eater to make it work.
  3. I don’t eat the right things.  I love veggies.  I love home cooked meals.  One of the side-effects of a lifetime (30 odd years) of low self-esteem is that my brain tells me that I’m ‘not good enough’ to nurture. When it comes to others, I won’t let a mealtime pass without every single adult and child in the house being well fed – but I don’t lavish the same care and attention on myself.
  4. Lack of energy begets lack of energy.  I tend to be low on energy due to the plethora of disabilities and chronic illnesses my body carts about.  This means I go for something quick, rather than something nutritious.  Now, I understand that the two are not mutually exclusive, but in my effort to just get myself to eat something, I haven’t yet graduated to quick, simple and nutritious foods.  This is my worst sticking point, and the one I really want to address one meal at a time.

But it’s not all bad – I’ve got quite a few things going for me:

  1. I have a good understanding of better nutrition
  2. I’m actually a good cook
  3. I drink plenty of water
  4. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke
  5. I love my veggies
  6. I’m open to new foods and combinations 

And I’ve done it before – so I know I can do it – ‘it’ being attaining and maintaining a good weight for me.  Now, I don’t buy into stereotypes of what is healthy, and I will never be, nor would I even want to be Victoria Beckham thin.  When I met my fiancee 2 years ago, I was a 14-16 dress size, and I wore it well.  After 2 years of meals out and sneaky take-aways, I’m now more of an 18-20.

But more than my measurements, I really believe in healing from the inside out.  I know what you put in your body effects your energy and wellbeing.  Eating better can have such a profound effect one ones health, I would be nutty not to buy into that.  My one constant, drinking alot of water, is something that makes me feel good.  More than that though, if I don’t drink enough I get headaches, feel more fatigued than usual, and my digestive system doesn’t function as well.  That’s just for a start.

I have gleaned some wonderful inspiration from some other bloggers who have the whole healthy eating thing far more in hand than I do.  For this post, I’d like for you guys to feed me!  Feed me ideas that is.  What can I do and where to I start in my lifestyle overhaul?  If anyone wants to add, ‘just stop eating fatty’, please feel free but know that it it water off a ducks back.  I would however love to hear from wonderful people who would like to help me spring into….the grey drizzly January that we have, and make my kitchen a more colourful place to be.

39 thoughts on “Healthy eating: eating more, eating better – adding colour to my kitchen #motivationalmonday

  1. I'm in a similar position, I'm comfortable, but trying to nurture myself more – you seem pretty knowledgeable already – I've just started a nutrition plan which is on my blog, mainly higher protein and eating carbs when I need them (after exercise) to maintain GI levels :)

  2. I've done no carb type diets before and they work for 2-3 months, but are not sustainable, especially when cooking for a family. I have polycystic ovaries so have always been a little overweight for my height. I think I need to up my exercise, but I struggle with January-March every year. x

  3. It's hard because it has to be for ever, not just for a few weeks or months, but I think if I don't stick to a healthy life style then the weight will all just go back on and it will all have been a waste.

  4. I love my veggies and all healthy food but I live in a house full of fussy eaters which is actually a nightmare!!! I'm not over weight as such but would like to lose about a stone. xx

  5. I think good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise is the best way forward for sustainable weight loss, not cutting any one thing out just moderation of it all – much easier to stick to too 🙂

  6. I'd advise you to try juicing. Lots of fruit and veg, lots of nutrients. A great way to start the day!I too graze and pick up quick things that are convenient but planning what I shall eat and when the night before also helps x

  7. I have never been on a diet, just try to control my meal portions. One habit that I try to stick to is dinner by 7pm and nothing thereafter until breakfast at 7am. I have noticed that the 12 hour 'no-eating' period aids in proper digestion and keeps the system working fine.

  8. I am doing the healthy eating and exercise thing. I have lost 2lb in the last week which I was a bit disappointed with but if I keep it up I will be back to a healthy weight by the summer. Good Luck!

  9. I have littel advice for you. I think you're doing a good job already being aware of your eating-related strengths and weaknesses. On esuggestion though: look at This is the site for the world's healthiest foods in many categories, and I don't mean acai berries or other exotics, but stuff you can buy at every supermarket. There's lot of health info too and recipes, though I'm sure you can make your own combinations.

  10. Healthy eating and exercise are the way forward, make a meal plan which should help as planning is key. I plan on a Sunday for the rest of the week 🙂

  11. I do the weight watcher thing, because I like to eat about 6 times a day (ok I eat all day), and they keep me in check and keep me eating fruits and not chocolate. The thing is, you really have to find what works for you and your lifestyle. For me ww works, but I know a lot of people who don't think they offer enough food per day… I don't think I am in a position to give you any advice, so I would just wish you good luck, and if you want to read about my WW January, you are welcomed 🙂

  12. Drinking water and healthy eating is a great start and exercise 30 minutes every day. Sounds totally boring but on day seven when you feel your energy levels start to rise and you start to see the change physically it spurs you on. You just have to be consistent, that's where I fail. Trying to make it part of your daily routine I think is key. Good luck it sounds like you have the right attitude x

  13. Good for you, it's always so hard the D thing I find. Have 2 stone to shift to get back to pre-baby weight though (she's 3 by the way!!). In the same situation as you so can't offer much advice. Sometimes just having healthy balanced meals is the answer – I do love curries, chocolate and wine though!

  14. I'm on Slimming World and I lost 7 stone in my first year. Since then, 6 months later I've slowed right down and only lost and gained back numerous times, the same half a stone.I think I'm back on track now and hoping my next weigh in is another loss 🙂 I've still got 10 stone to lose (I was 31 stone when I joined) so it's a long journey but I'll get there one day 😀 Good luck with your journey xx

  15. Vicky, I would advise a checkup of thyroid levels. I know that people with hypothyroidism struggle to keep their weight down, maybe it would be a good idea to eliminate the possibility from the start.xx

  16. Quinoa! I love the stuff. Takes a bit of trial and failure to get it right, but once sorted it is gorgeous. Bulks up salads, eaten instead of couscous, flavour it with practically anything and delicious with grilled chicken. Gives you protein and fills you up. Hot or cold. YUM! Good luck anyway 🙂 I am planning to start eating better soon, just need to sort myself out! x

  17. We've been working on healthier eating too! I'm always looking for new EASY recipes! Looks like your off to a good start in your endeavor. Thanks for visiting Living and Learning With Our New Normal today!

  18. To be honest. I need to lose weight, and the doctors and nurses keep telling me, and I know I do but my body just does not want to co operate. With my illnesses, exercise is not an option and so I have tried reducing the rubbish that I eat, and I have begun to drink a lot of water, so hopefully it will kick in and the pounds will come off. Together we will win xx

  19. I totally understand your point about forgetting to look after yourself. Only the other day I realised I'd made sure every member of the household has eaten their five a day, including a good cooked meal in the evening, but all I'd had was 3 rounds of toast, copious cups of tea and a large chunk of cheese between errands. Pretty rubbish!

  20. I am trying to lose weight too. This last time that I injured my back I gained weight. I couldn't exercise (unless you count my PT visits) and I just ate too much junk! I am on myfitnesspal and I think it's a great website. A lot of the food I normally eat is already calculated on there, so I just can record my food. Plus you can add new food or even meals! I lost weight when I used it before, so I am starting up again! My problem is that I am a snacker. I snack too much, lol! I need to snack on healthy things and let go of the chocolate! (Did I just say that out loud?) Thanks for linking up to the “Making Your Home Sing Monday” linky party!

  21. I have read your post. good sharing. Informative and interesting which we share with you so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts. I am tiring the same best work from me in the future as well

  22. I gain weight too quickly because of cheesy, fast food, pizza…..but without daily exercises. I hope these tips can help me to stay in balance and get more healthy life. Thanks for sharing, wish me luck!

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