Happy to be a #MorrisonsMum – our bank holiday shop with bells on

It’s bank holiday weekend.  For once in England the birds and shining and the sky is singing, and everything is pretty darn perfect.  That is especially true when you have a kitchen full of meals and treats to satisfy the pickiest family.  
J and I went to Morrisons on Friday and shopped up a storm.  I adore Market Street in Morrisons, it’s how I remember shopping many many years ago when I was a girl but all in one place and without Maggie Thatcher trying to steal my milk.  Second to that awesome sight was the plethora of little yellow tags all around the store alerting us to some pretty punchy price drops.  These are permanent price reductions in addition to the fab offers on…..offer.
For me personally, the highlight of our shop (if I had to pick just one) would be the meat counter.  As well as pre-packed fresh sausages and burgers, there was the most amazing butchery counter where we could see it all happening.  I won’t post photos because I know some are squeamish, but it was a joy to see.  I am a big believer in knowing where food comes from, and what it was before it entered the food chain.  Upon requesting some Rump Steaks from one of the trained butchers, he cut them for us from the joint there and then, so exactly the thickness we wanted.  Not sure whether the weather would shine on out plans of a BBQ, I took home two enormous steaks around an inch thick for £12.
Simply seasoned and grilled, this steak took up the whole of out grill, and was enough to feed 4 generously.  Cut on the bias I served with the usual accompaniments for our first steak based dinner.
Rump steak with potato wedges, onion rings, portabello mushrooms and cherry tomatoes
Approx £3.50 per generous serving
It was so tender we hardly needed a knife.  I grilled to well done, as this is J’s preference.  I would usually pan sear but it was just too large for any of my pans.  Though I prefer a rarer steak, I cooked it all to well done and I was not disappointed.  I really cannot remember the last time I had such a tender and tasty steak.
So Morrisons scores big in my family, and we’ll be back again soon.  I don’t have and brand loyalty, I will go where I can get the best produce at the best price, and right now this has to be Morrisons for me, without a doubt.
How do you prefer to do your shopping?  What’s important to you when feeding the family?

*I was given vouchers to do my shop but all opinions are my own

8 thoughts on “Happy to be a #MorrisonsMum – our bank holiday shop with bells on

  1. Morrisons is fab, but Tesco is also great! It's the salad and olive bar that attracts me more than anything, other than that, I'd rather go to Tesco.

    Corinne x

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