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It’s great to get together with the girls and have a night out when you can, but once you have kids, the times that you can do that become few and far between. It’s not just that you have to book a babysitter, or get a doting grandparent to look after the kids, it’s also the fact that life with kids is a lot more expensive than life before they arrived. So, going out and spending money on a night out might feel a little self-indulgent if you do it regularly.

There’s still a way to have time with your closest friends, though, and that’s by having some girly nights in. Of course, whoever’s hosting doesn’t have to work out babysitting plans, but the others will still need to do that. However, if you take turns being the hostess, then it all works out OK.

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It’s a good idea to have a focus for your evening. You don’t particularly just all want to be watching TV together on a Saturday night. So here are a few ideas on what a girls’ night in can be all about.

Bingo night

The online bingo industry is massive today, and that offers a big advantage for anyone who wants to play. All the sites such as 32red and Gala offer great welcome bonuses of free playing credit when you first sign up, so a bingo night at home can be really great value entertainment. If you and your friends all join the same site, you can play the same games and share the excitement of who might be holding the winning card. Take a look at 32Red’s roster of bingo games to see what games are on in which of the different bingo rooms on the site and organise a night of ‘eyes down’ bingo fun at home.

Beauty night

It’s always nice to give yourself some pamper time, so why not make it social and be pampered with your friends? These days, there are lots of mobile beauty practitioners who will bring services such as waxing, eyebrow threading and tinting and other beauty treatments such as pedicures and manicures to your door. Open a couple of bottles of wine and have some snacks on hand and enjoy a good gossip while being pampered as a group.

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Foodie night

Would you eat Chicharon Bulaklak?

Ever wished you were braver when it comes to what food you eat? If you want to expand your repertoire, host a tasting night, where everyone brings a dish that they’ve never cooked or eaten before. If people don’t feel like cooking, a quick search of the ‘foreign foods’ aisle in any supermarket will turn up something new. Then mix and match and try a little of everything. You may just discover a new favourite food. ~ by  lynetao 

What you do on a girls’ night in doesn’t really matter, of course.

It’s just an easy way to meet up on a regular basis, without having to spend a lot.

What do you like to do on nights in or out with the girls?


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